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If you've always been interested in creating new insights into individuals and the how and why of human behavior, thought, and feelings, psychology may be the area for you. Psychology studies the human mind and behavior. It's also a field that offers a wide array of career paths. Majors in psychology are given a broad-based education in the content, methods, principles, and theories of the science of psychology.

Your interest in research can give you the opportunity to work closely with Ph.D. level faculty. You could used these research opportunities as stepping stones for admission to graduate programs in psychology and related fields.

A psychology major is a pathway to a number of careers including mental health and criminal justice settings such as hospitals, half-way houses/group homes, parole and probation, and hospice programs.

The psychology major at Parkside covers the main subject areas of psychology and enables you to direct your courses toward particular career goals by offering opportunities that include certificates in mental health skills and in human management and research.

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Bachelor's degree graduates will be prepared for entry-level careers in mental health settings. Public sector and business-related careers may involve personnel testing, advertising, and human resources.

For those who obtain a master's or Ph.D., career opportunities and pay expand significantly; jobs are available in mental health as well as research, teaching, and business. Some of the mental health careers for individuals with graduate degrees include clinical psychologist, social worker, professional counselor, marriage and family counselor, and school psychologist.

Jacob Burmeister credits the research he participated in as an undergraduate with the boost he needed to get into Bowling Green University, a top-notch graduate program in psychology. Jacob was one of six applicants selected out of 220 and is now a Ph.D. candidate. Jacob said the Psychology Department here was a good fit: "The environment was great. They really put students first. When I found that the professors did research, that really hooked me."

From the navy…to psychology graduate, Shane Rondeau defines himself as a nontraditional student. He completed five years in the U.S. Navy prior to pursuing his psychology major at Parkside. He managed to complete his degree in five years, despite having a family and holding down a full-time job. Shane's advice to his fellow students: "Don't be afraid to get your money's worth out of your education."

The psychology minor offers an organized curriculum for students who wish to develop a core understanding of psychology.

The program is particularly intended for those whose primary goal is to complement other fields of study where knowledge of psychology and its methods would be beneficial, including business, communication, criminal justice, health sciences, and theatre arts.



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