Alicia Fikejs

  • Hometown: Pleasant Prairie, WI
  • Majors: Biology

What motivated you to become a student leader?

Preparation, in order to achieve success you must first prepare. I knew that in order to learn and grow I must challenge myself. Therefore, the best way to challenge myself was to become a student leader and make the most out of my college opportunities and experiences.

What advice would you give to future student s leaders?

To just dive in! There are so many great organizations on campus to be involved with. I suggest Campus Connect to find some organizations that may be of interest and start attending their meetings and events.

What is one characteristic should a leader possess?

Every leader should possess passion. Passion is the fuel for success. It can keep you focused, disciplined, and committed to achieve your desired goals. When you have the passion, no project will be too big or too hard.

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