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Late Fees

The Assessment for the Administrative Expense fee (late fees) for all students paying fees after the Due Date (Fall 2015: Wednesday, September 16, 2015), will be: $6.25 per credit to a $75 maximum. This fee will be charged to all unpaid accounts beginning the following day (Fall 2015: Thursday, September 17,  2015). Students who have not paid their fees in full or have not contracted with Official Payments by the Due Date (Fall  2015: September 16, 2015), will begin accruing a 1% per month delinquency charge (interest) on their unpaid balance. A HOLD will remain on the student's records until the account is paid in full and will prevent the student from:

  • Registering for future semesters
  • Making schedule changes
  • Getting official transcripts or grades.

Mailed tuition payments must be postmarked on or before the Due Date to avoid late fees. 

The university does refer seriously delinquent accounts to the State Debt Collection Agency. Any collection costs incurred by the university will be added to the students' account. Approximately 15%-30% of the current balance is added to the account for collection fees. 

Accounts sent to an agency for collection and later appealed will still pay the collection costs if appeal is granted.

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