#1 First step to all things financial aid is to COMPLETE THE FAFSA!

Completing the FAFSA is your first step to all things Financial Aid. There are delays in FAFSA data being sent to colleges until mid-March, but filing early is still important. If you’re starting or continuing your education in the Fall of 2024, complete your 2024-2025 FAFSA now!


#2 Challenges with FSA ID? Hold tight until the fix—coming

Are you or your parents having challenges creating an FSA ID? Good news! A FIX is coming by mid-March! Official guidance is to wait to complete the FAFSA until this fix is in place. Watch our social media and website for updates as they become available. 

#3 Already filed? Be sure to check the email you used for your FAFSA!

Be sure to check the email you used for your FAFSA! Federal Student Aid recently sent emails to all students with a 24-25 FAFSA on file providing updates on timing and what to expect going forward.

#4 Scholarships are a great tool, and there are many available in the community.

Use our ToolKit to help with your search. Happy scholarship hunting!



#5 In high school, but curious about what Financial Aid you may receive? No problem! 

Check out the Federal Student Aid estimator. By answering a few basic questions, you can get an estimated Student Aid Index and information about loan and grant eligibility.

Student Aid Index Estimator


#6 Federal Student Aid is on social media, and posts resources and announcements about all things Federal Aid. 

Like and follow for updated information direct from the source!

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#7 Did you know that FAFSA is available in multiple languages?  

You can switch between English and Spanish on the Federal Student Aid website, but if you need assistance in another language, you can request an interpreter in 11 additional languages! Buona fortuna!

Interpreter Request


#8 Did you know that you can sign up for Federal Student Aid (FSA) text alerts?  

Log in to your FSA Account on studentaid.gov. Click “edit” to your communication preferences, and opt in!

FAFSA Communication Preferences


#9 Outside the state?  

Check out our tuition assistance page for additional resources available to non-Wisconsin Residents:

Tuition Assistance


Resources and Important Links


FAFSA website FAFSA® Application | Federal Student Aid
FAFSA Simplification information What is the FAFSA Simplification Act? | Federal Student Aid
FSA ID Website FAFSA Create Account 
FSA YouTube Library Federal Student Aid - YouTube
Creating a FSA ID with no Social Security number

Creating ID-English
Creating ID-Spanish



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