2024-2025 FAFSA 


FAFSA data will not be sent to UW-Parkside until mid-March.


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NEW FAFSA FAQ’s  |  Frequently Asked Questions

I need to update my FAFSA, but it won't let me. What's the deal?


Since the FAFSA isn't 'official' yet due to formula changes, your FAFSA is still considered in a "processing" status. You will be able to make edits to it once the Department of Education completes these formula updates. 

I filled out my FAFSA and it still says "Processing". What should I do?


Your FAFSA is submitted, but the Department of Education is still working on formulas behind the scenes. You do not need to do anything else. It will update to ‘submitted’ once those formula changes have been made

When should I anticipate hearing from Financial Aid about my Federal aid eligibility?


Our goal is to have aid offers out by May 1st. This date may change depending on when FAFSA information is sent to schools for processing. 

What if my parent isn’t a US Citizen, doesn’t have an SSN, or a Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)?


A parent's citizenship status doesn’t affect a student's eligibility for Federal Aid. The parent is still required to submit their earning information on the FAFSA and will need an FSA ID to complete the form and sign.

My parent is having a hard time getting an FSA ID. What should they do?


Your parent will want to work with Federal Student Aid for a resolution. They can be reached at 1-833-932-3439

I did my FAFSA, does Parkside have it?


We don't have it yet. The Department of Education is updating formulas related to eligibility that has prevented them from sending FAFSA data to schools yet. We anticipate they will begin sending us FAFSA data by mid-March. You can log on to studentaid.gov to see if your FAFSA has been submitted. 

What if one of my contributors doesn’t have an email address?


If a contributor doesn’t have an active email, one should be created for the purposes of the FAFSA process.

If my parent already has an FSA ID, do they need to request a new one?


No, currently existing FSA IDs will be used for the new FAFSA; however, additional parents may need to create an FSA if they are required contributors to the FAFSA.  

Will my FSA ID change?

Nope, you will use the same ID you previously created.

I’m new to college/UW-Parkside, what can I do now to prepare for the FAFSA?


You, and potentially your parent(s), should create an FSA ID now so that you can file the FAFSA as soon as it opens.

When should I submit my FAFSA?

As soon as possible, the sooner we have it, the sooner you will hear about your aid eligibility. 

Will I need to report the value of my small business/farm?


Yes. Previously, this was not required on the FAFSA, but is for the 2024-2025 FAFSA.

Key Changes to the 24-25 FAFSA

Anyone who is required to add information to a FAFSA application is considered a contributor. For dependent students, this would include a parent (or both), and for independent students, this may include a spouse. Each contributor will be required to have an FSA ID, and consent to sharing their information on the FAFSA.

Manual entry of taxes will be a thing of the past! Any person contributing to or completing the FAFSA must now consent to use the IRS Direct Data Exchange which will pull IRS data directly into the FAFSA. Consent is a requirement, and those who do not consent will be ineligible for Federal aid.

The Student Aid Index (SAI) is a number calculated upon completion of the FAFSA. This is replacing the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). An SAI, like an EFC, is used in determining eligibility for federal and state aid. It is anticipated that additional students will qualify for Pell grants due to this change.

Curious what you may qualify to receive? Try the SAI Estimator!

Students requesting a review or appeal of dependency status will now appeal their unusual circumstances. This can include any factor that impacts the ability to provide parent (or contributor) information. Students experiencing unusual circumstances should contact financial aid after filing the FAFSA to discuss any required materials.

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