Out of State Scholar Program FAQ's

How am I considered for these awards?

All students from Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and North Dakota are eligible for participation in the Midwest Student Exchange program. Non-Resident Students admitted prior to Feb 1st who meet the specific eligibility requirements will automatically receive the Out of State Scholar Grant. After February 1st, awards from these funds will be made based on funds available. 

How much are these awards worth? 

Award amounts vary up to the full out-of-state portion of tuition charges. The total award will never exceed the out-of-state portion of your tuition charges.

Are these awards renewable? Can I use my award during interim sessions such as Winterim or Summer? 

Awards are renewable as long as you meet the renewal requirements for the respective program. Using the award during interim sessions will not count against your total number of semesters used. Funding for interim sessions is not guaranteed.

Do I need to complete a FAFSA to get one of these?  

We strongly encourage every student to complete a FAFSA to ensure maximum consideration of all financial aid available however, a FAFSA is not required.

I have a previous bachelor/graduate degree. Am I eligible for this program? 

The Midwest Student Exchange Program is available if you are from one of the 6 qualifying states; however, the other out of state awards are not available to individuals who already have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree. 

Will the funds for Out-of-State aid awards ever run out?

Funding for programs other than the Midwest State Exchange program is limited. Awards are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding is based on an annual allocation by the University of Wisconsin System.


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