Academic Calendar

The academic calendar includes dates such as the beginning and end of each semester, recesses from instruction, final exam periods, and major holidays that impact whether or not students should report to campus. 

NOTE: View important dates and deadlines for adding classes, dropping classes, and refund policies by clicking the "more details" links for each semester.



Instruction Begins Jan 30
Summer Registration Begins Mar 13
Spring Break Begins Mar 20
     Classes Resume Mar 27
Fall Registration Begins Apr 10
Graduation Application Deadline  
    For Fall 2023 Graduation May 1

Final Exam, Common Math (Sat)

May 6
Instruction Ends (Monday) May 8
Instruction Ends, Second 7-Week May 12
Final Exams  May 9-12
Commencement Ceremony (Sat) May 13
Final Grades Due, 4:30 pm (Wed) May 17




Instruction Begins (full term) May 22
Memorial Day (no classes) May 29
1st 4-Week Session Ends June 16
2nd 4-Week Session Begins June 19
2nd 8-Week Session Begins June 19
Independence Day (no classes) July 4
1st 8-Week Session Ends July 14
2nd 4-Week Session Ends July 14
3rd 4-Week Session Begins July 17
Graduation Application Deadline  
    For August 2023 Graduation Aug 1
Instruction Ends (full term) Aug 11
Final Grades Due, 4:30 pm (Wed) Aug 16




Labor Day - NO CLASSES Sep 4
Ranger Welcome Sep 5
Instruction Begins Sep 6
Winterim Registration Begins Nov 13
Spring Registration Begins

Nov 13

Thanksgiving Recess


    No classes start after 4 pm (Wed)

Nov 22

    No classes (Thu-Sat)

Nov 23-25
Graduation Application Deadline  

    For Spring 2024 Graduation

Dec 1
Final Exam, Common Math (Sat) Dec 9
Instruction Ends (Monday) Dec 11
Final Exams  Dec 12 - 15
Commencement Ceremonies Dec 16
Final Grades Due, 4:30 pm (Wed) Dec 20




New Year's Day (no classes) Jan 1
Instruction Begins Jan 2
Martin Luther King Jr Day (no classes) Jan 15
Instruction Ends Jan 26
Final Grades Due, 4:30 pm (Wed) Jan 31


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