Degree Audit Reporting System(DARS)

How does DARS work?

The DARS audit 'reads' all completed and accepted transfer courses and shows how those courses have been applied toward your a program(s) according to the catalog requirements for the year in which you entered UWP. It also shows which requirements are yet needed to be finished. The information is shown in a document called an audit. In order for DARS to produce the proper results, it needs to know your:  

  • catalog year for General Education Requirements
  • declared major(s), concentration(s), minor(s) and certificate(s)
  • catalog year for Program Requirements.

There are three major components to an audit:

  • General University Requirements
  • General Education Requirements
  • Major/Concentration/Minor/Certificate Requirements.

Satisfied requirements have an "OK" displayed on their left side, while unsatisfied ones have a "NO" shown.  Any subrequirements  have "+" displayed on their left side when fulfilled and "-" when they are not. Items which are unsatisfied or unfulfilled generally show the courses that can be used to complete the requirement. Along with requirements, other information is displayed, such as credit totals, GPA's, all courses taken, advisor name.

Important Note Regarding In-Progress Courses 

An "in progress" course is one for which you have not yet received a final grade. This includes courses in which you are currently enrolled (IP) and any course with a grade of X, I, or N. This report assumes you will satisfactorily complete the courses for which you are currently registered and that none of these is a duplicate or exceeds the maximum allowed toward degree requirements Exceptions An exception reflects any changes, such as waivers or substitutions, applied to your academic program by an Executive Action by your Department. This allows DARS to individualize your specific degree program.  

If you have questions about DARS and the analysis of your degree requirements, you can send an email to If you question involves transfer work, please call the Transfer Evaluation Coordinator at 262-595-2445. If you get an error message or the audit does not appear when you try to run the report,  contact the Parkside Help Desk at 262-595-2444.

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