Wait Lists & Permission Numbers Using SOLAR

Wait Lists

You may choose to be added to a wait list for a closed class. The status of the class will indicate if the class has the wait list option. 
  • Select the wait listed class/section and proceed through the enrollment steps.
  • The wait listed class will be displayed on your class schedule, however, it will be noted with the wait list status.
  • If you are successfully enrolled through the wait list rotation, the class status will change to enrolled.
  • Placing yourself on a wait list does not imply or guarantee enrollment in the class. You must verify the class status on your schedule. 
Contact the instructor for additional information on your wait list status.    
The Wait List rotates through a weekly status check of classes. If enrollment opens, the Wait List rotation will automatically register students from the Wait List on a first come, first serve basis. Students will be registered into the wait listed class if no errors occur during wait list processing (time conflict, hold on your record etc.). If you are not enrolled through this process, and you still want the class, you may request a Permission Number from the class instructor. This permission number will allow a student to register for the closed class via SOLAR.  
 Students are not billed for Wait Listed classes. 
Check SOLAR or contact the Cashier's Office for your account balance after you've been added to a class from the wait list. 

Permission Numbers

Enrollment in courses requiring instructor consent must be completed with a permission number. An instructor, may also allow registration in a closed or restricted class by issuing a permission number.
A permission number is available ONLY from the faculty member teaching the course and section. It can only be used one. Permission numbers are required if permissions by the instructor is being granted to enroll in:
  • a course requiring consent
  • a closed course
  • a course without meeting prerequisites.
If you are registering for a restricted class needing instructor permission: follow the steps to adding a class, after selecting the class you will see a box at the top of the screen under Class Preferences where you can enter your Permission Number.
If you are wait listed for a course and have been given permission to register: you will first need to drop the wait listed class before following the process to add the class in the manner described above.
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