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Genders and Sexualities Advocacy Center

Rebranded in the 23/24 academic year, the Genders & Sexualities Advocacy Center (G-SAC!) is the natural outgrowth and merging of the Student Activist led LGBTQIA+ Resource Center and Women’s Centers visions, missions, and goals, in line with leading academic practices nationwide, and the UW-Parkside student voice. Our goal is to, through mindfully crafted partnerships, curricula, and programming, engage the on campus and external communities as we examine our ever-evolving connectivity to our complex selves within the academy and to broader society through the lenses of gender and sexuality. By providing intentional education and instruction, carefully building resources, and producing materially impactful change, we hope to generate a future of liberation, exploration, and deep intersectional understanding.

What we do

EDUCATION to the Parkside campus and external communities through a strongly intersectional and transnational framework on the complexities of taking up all things genders and sexualities.

ADVOCACY for the needs, concerns, and rights of our students, faculty, and staff on issues specific to genders and sexualities in a coalitional and broad approach.

COMMUNITY providing community space and resources for all students, faculty, and staff, through a harm reductionist model to assist with sexual and reproductive health and wellness, mind and body care, and that good soul nurturing engagement for the whole of UW-Parkside!

LEADERSHIP we foster student leadership and personal, academic, and professional growth with our coalition of campus and external partnerships, through student org advisement and accompliship, and broader linkages to conference, colloquium, and committee opportunities!

Meet the staff


Arbor Archuletta (Any Pronouns): Arbor is the captain of the Genders & Sexualities Advocacy Center. They moved to Wisconsin from colorful Colorado where he was a full-time lecturer at The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy in areas of feminist philosophy, post-modernism, post-structuralism, queer theory, and arts and culture. They hold their BA in Queer Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver and MA from Birmingham City University in the UK in Queer Studies in Arts and Culture. They were recently published in the second edition of Trans Bodies/Trans Selves, are pursuing a PhD in Visual Culture, and love to travel as much as possible. Personally Arbor loves long dogs and fresh tats, small cars and black cats!


No Name (Any Pronouns): No Name is our office ghoul. He’s a Senior Applied Health Sciences Major with a concentration in Medical Laboratory Science and a minor in Biology. Fun fact is that she likes collecting all manner of discarded things and they love hand holding the beetles that lounge in the exhaust ducts around campus.


Forge (Ask Pronouns): Forge is a Sophomore Theater major with a Generalist concentration. Most often found bopping around in awesome drip with Kermit collars, they’re always happy to lend an ear and help connect to resources! Forge is also a Puppeteer and is more than happy to infodump about all things Puppet!


Corvus (He/Him/His): Corvus is a Freshman Art Education major with a minor in Psychology. You can find him in the center where he’s always happy to play a board game or chat! Fun fact about me is that my name means "Crow" in Latin!

The Genders & Sexualities Advocacy Center is committed to rigorous and sound genders and sexualities education in and outside the classroom through various avenues including peer led workshops, interdepartmental trainings, events coordination, reading groups, and of course classroom instruction! Learn more about the UW-Parkside Center for Women Gender and Sexualities Studies course listing and Minor, booking a workshop, or attending one of our reading groups below!

The Genders & Sexualities Advocacy Center is committed to taking a wholistic approach that acknowledges the ways in which community building is intrinsic to student success, growth, and leadership. New connections, engaging conversations, and a welcoming campus climate create the home away from home that facilitates strong institutional belonging. This is your campus, and we’re here to make sure you can make the most of your time here whether visiting for the day or making your career, wanting a quiet place to study or a raucous craft circle! Learn more about our office hours, events, and connected student orgs below!

M: 12-1 Parkside Advocacy for Women Meetings & 2-4:30 Quiet and Low Light Hours
T: 2:30-4:30 Board Games & Crafts
W: 12-1 Rainbow Alliance Meetings & 2-4:30 Quiet and Low Light Hours
Th: 2:30-4:40 Reading Group and Drop In
F: 2:30-4:30 Board Games & Crafts

Get Involved With Your Student Orgs!

The Genders & Sexualities Advocacy Center recognizes that to keep your academic career forefront there are MANY other needs to be met in a real and impactful way. Whether this regards food security, name change, sexual and reproductive health and wellness, scholarships, or any number of physical and mental health practices, we’re here to provide physical resources in office and connect you the resources we don’t have in house! Stop by and check out our resource shelves, dry kitchen, or to ask for referrals to other amazing UW-Parkside services!


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