The development of the LGBTQ Resource Center was sparked by student activism. With several anti-LGBT bias incidents that occurred on campus and nationally, students approached administration asking for action. They requested professional support in the form of a director, a formal space for community building, as well as funding for programs that would improve campus climate for LGBT students, faculty, and staff.

In May 2008, the founding director of the LGBTQ Resource Center was brought on campus. For the first several months, the Center was located on the third floor of the Library. In January 2009, administration supported the allocation of the current space. Throughout the development of the Center, programs were initiated that continue to exist on campus, like Safe Zone.

Currently, there is a student assistant to support individuals using the space. There is also a coordinator of the Safe Zone program. Although a formal director is not in place, UW-Parkside remains committed to supporting LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff.

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