The development of the LGBTQ Resource Center was sparked by student activism. In 2006-2007, after several very high-profile, on-campus anti-LGBT bias incident, LGBTQ+ student leaders came together to protest the treatment and lack of support from UW-Parkside.  This group of students made several requests of administration: professional support in the form of a full-time professional staff member dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA+ students, creation of a formal space for community building, as well as funding for programs that would improve campus climate for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff. Campus administrators agreed that those resources were needed and the work to create the Center started.

In May 2008, the founding Director of the LGBTQ Resource Center was brought on campus. For the first several months, the Center was located on the third floor of the library. In January 2009, the administration supported the allocation of space on the D1 level of Wyllie Hall.  With the Wyllie Hall construction project, the LGBTQ Resource Center is now more visible with the other student services and support offices.

The LGBTQ Resource Center has always been a place to find community, support, and resources.  Even though it has seen significant change since 2008, the LGBTQ Resource Center will continue to play an important role in creating a more inclusive and equitable campus environment for all.

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