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Student Health and Counseling Center

Our mission is to provide high quality care for the physical, emotional, and mental health needs of students. All currently registered students, both undergraduate and graduate, commuters and campus residents, who pay student fees, are eligible to use the services of the Student Health & Counseling Center (SHCC).

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We're available for you.

HEALTH SERVICES will continue in a limited manner to students at this time. You must call in advance for any services, as this is a rapidly evolving situation and in-person services may change: 262-595-2366

COUNSELING SERVICES is not open for in-person services. Phone lines are open during regular hours: 262-595-2366  
For alternatives to in-person general counseling, visit a list of options.

CRISIS CONSULTATIONS For mental health crises during regular hours, call for a crisis consultation: 262-595-2366 
For after-hours crisis resources, visit a list of after-hours options.

DISABILITY SERVICES will schedule phone appointments. Call 262-595-2372. Read more about Disability Services.

What we do.

  • Provide high quality care for the physical, emotional, and mental health needs of students.
  • Provide comprehensive and safe intervention to students with identified needs.
  • Deliver preventive health education programs activities that will influence positive life style choices and support retention efforts.
  • Foster collaborative work with the university and surrounding community.
  • Encourage participation in community outreach activities that share the individual staff person's time and talent.
MyChart Login

Login to MyCHART  |  Make and view your medical appointments, see your health history, get test results, and renew prescriptions online - any time! For counseling appointments, call (262) 595-2366.

Clients who do not cancel their appointment by 8 am the day of the appointment, or do not show up to their appointment, are charged a late cancellation/no show fee of $20 billed to your Solar account.

Silvercloud Login

Login to SilverCloud  |  Secure, immediate access to online supported CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) programs, tailored to your specific needs. SilverCloud has demonstrated high improvement rates for depression, anxiety and stress.

Learn more about SilverCloud services.

Not intended for messages requiring urgent attention. In the event of an emergency, dial 2911 on campus and 911 off campus.

Walk-ins – currently not available

Walk-in health services are available for sick visits, contraceptives refills, and immunizations. Call us at (262) 595-2366 or check Facebook and Twitter for times.

Note: Appointments are required for all counseling visits, physicals, and women's health yearly exams. Schedule a health appointment on MyChart.

The Student Health and Counseling Center offers a wide range of health services to address medical needs of current students. When acute medical or psychiatric care is needed, a referral will be made.

There is no charge for the office visit, however, there are minimal charges for medication or lab work or if you miss an appointment.

View our complete list of services and fees.

Schedule a health appointment on MyChart.

Free personal counseling and referrals are available to all students of the UW-Parkside community. All services are provided by licensed professionals and comply with federal confidentiality laws. 

Individual and couples counseling is available to address concerns including, but not limited to:

Learn more about counseling services.

The University Police are the first responders in all campus emergency situations. For students who present at the SHCC, urgent care is provided on site as a priority. The University Police are contacted and they will call for emergency transportation/care by the Kenosha EMT at no charge to the student. The decision to call emergency transportation is made by the first responder, University Police. Students needing emergency care or treatment after hours and on weekends may contact the following: 

University Police - (262) 595-2911 (24 hours a day) 



Ambulance and Emergency Service
On campus: Dial 2911
Off campus: Dial 911 

Aurora Medical Center
Emergency Room: (262) 948-7000 

Kenosha Medical Center
Emergency Room: (262) 656-2202 

Kenosha Crisis Center Hotline - Mental Health
(262) 657-7188 | (800) 338-7188 

St. Catherine's Hospital - Medical Center
Emergency Room: (262) 577-8202 



Wheaton Franciscan Health Care Systems - All Saints
Emergency Room: (262) 687-4201 

Racine Safe Haven Hotline - Mental Health
(262) 637-9557

Using the Student Health & Counseling Center and having health insurance are both smart moves for students who want to avoid unnecessary financial, physical and emotional stress.

Domestic Students
Domestic students are encouraged to purchase plans through private companies or the health insurance marketplace at

Some students may still be covered by their parents’ insurance plan; if so, please have a copy of your insurance card with you. It is wise to check with the company to assure the coverage requirements. 

International Students
Parkside participates in the UW System Campus Consortium Insurance plan and has a mandatory insurance plan for international students. 

International students and scholars, international faculty, and visiting international high school students, holding non-immigrant visas are required to purchase this insurance plan.

Learn more about International Health Insurance.

The PHE program is housed with Student Health & Counseling Services.

The program is based on a philosophy of wellness aimed at educating students on current health and social issues through a positive peer model approach. Their goal is to have open discussions on a variety of issues by providing information and educating on general wellness, sexual health, mental health, as well as social issues.

Learn more about Peer Health Educators.

The SHCC provides the same health and counseling services to all students regardless of their abilities.

An individual with a disability is anyone with a physical or mental impairment that substantially impairs or restrict one or more major life activities, such as performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, breathing, speaking, learning, and working. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Student Health and Counseling Center for support.

The staff works closely with the Disability Services office to coordinate services where appropriate for those in need. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the services offered to them under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Learn more about the Disability Services Department.

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Office Hours

Mon 8 am-6:30 pm 


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Thu  8 am-6:30 pm
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