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Health Insurance


College life is hectic enough without having to deal with the financial difficulty involved with an unexpected illness, injury or emotional stressor. Without good information and adequate health insurance, a minor incident can explode into a major problem. Using the Student Health & Counseling Center and having health insurance are both smart moves for students who want to avoid unnecessary financial, physical and emotional stress. Some students may still be covered by their parents’ insurance plan; if so, please have a copy of your insurance card with you. It is wise to check with the company to assure the coverage requirements. 

University of Wisconsin-Parkside participates in the UW System Campus Consortium Insurance plan and has a mandatory insurance plan for international students. Domestic students are encouraged to purchase plans through private companies or the health insurance marketplace at healthcare.gov

International Health Insurance

International students and scholars, international faculty, and visiting international high school students, holding non-immigrant visas are required to purchase this insurance plan.

The following students are not eligible to enroll in the insurance plan: students enrolled exclusively in online courses or whose enrollment consists entirely of short-term courses; students taking distance learning, home study, correspondence, television courses, or courses taken for audit do not fulfill the eligibility requirements that the student actively attend classes. The online restriction does not apply to students who are completing their degree requirements while engaged in practical training.

Students must attend classes within the first 31 days beginning with the first day for which coverage is effective. Any student withdrawing from the University during the first 31 days after the effective date of coverage shall not be covered under the insurance plan. A full refund of premium will be made, minus the cost of any claim benefits paid by the Policy. Students who graduate or withdraw from the University after 31 days, whether involuntarily or voluntarily, will remain covered under the Policy for the term purchased and no refund will be allowed.

The Plan Administrator reserves the right to determine if the student has met the eligibility requirements. If the Plan Administrator later determines the eligibility requirements have not been met, its only obligation is to refund the premium.

Coverage for Dependents

Students who enroll in the insurance plan may also enroll their eligible dependents by the enrollment period deadline date shown on page 4. Enrollment forms and premium payments received after this date will only be accepted for dependents who qualify for late enrollment. Dependents must enroll when the student first enrolls in the insurance plan.


  1. Students can download and print an enrollment form at sas-mn.com
  2. Print all information legibly and indicate the coverage and options desired.
  3. Enclose a check or money order payable to Student Assurance Services, Inc. or complete all credit card information.
  4. Send the form and payment to:

Student Assurance Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 196
Stillwater, MN 55082-0196

ID Cards

A medical insurance ID card will be mailed to the student’s address on file approximately 2 weeks after the enrollment form and premium payment are received. Students do not need an ID card to be eligible to receive benefits under the Policy. For lost ID cards, request an ID card from the website sas-mn.com

Nurse Consultation

Student Health & Counseling Center provides access to a nurse practitioner to assist you in making health and wellness decisions and answering health related questions during business hours, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Please contact our staff at 262-595-2366 to schedule an appointment.

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