General Information

The primary focus of the Sports and Activity Center (SAC) is to support student instruction and activity. As a result, the hours of the facility revolve around the academic calendar.

SAC Building Hours

  • SUN2-6 PM
  • MON6 AM-10 PM
  • TUE6 AM-10 PM
  • WED6 AM-10 PM
  • THU6 AM-10 PM
  • FRI6 AM-7 PM
  • SAT2-6 PM

Sports and Activity Center Membership

To be eligible to use the SAC,  you must be a currently enrolled full-time student at UW-Parkside or purchase a staff or community membership. 

A current RangerCard or a SAC Building Use card  is required for entry into the facility. Cards are not transferable.  There is a $10.00 replacement card fee for lost or stolen cards. Membership fees will not be prorated or adjusted if a space within the SAC becomes unavailable for use.

Memberships may be purchased in the main office (2nd floor). Credit card, cash, personal check, or money order will be accepted for payment. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, all membership privileges shall be revoked immediately.   Yearly memberships may be purchased in any month and expire within one year form the date of purchase.   Family memberships expire on the same date as the individual membership.

Building Rules

Acceptable rules of conduct must be observed at all times. Violation of the rules included here or in other posted policies, any disorderly conduct or inappropriate behavior including verbal or physical abuse of any employees or other user is subject to immediate removal with possible loss of building privileges.

SAC supervisors have full authority to ask participants to abide by the buildings rules and may require participants to leave the building.

  • No hanging from the basketball rims, dropping weights,.
  • No bicycles, in-line skates, or skateboards are allowed in the building.
  • No spitting anywhere in the building.
  • No alcohol is permitted in the facility except at approved events
  • No tobacco is permitted in the facility. All UW-Parkside facilities are smoke-and-tobacco-free facilities.
  • No food, drinks, or chewing gum are permitted in the activity spaces of the SAC except in the bleachers of the DeSimone Gymnasium or Petretti Fieldhouse during intercollegiate contests.
  • Beverages permitted in the bleachers must be in a plastic capped sport drink bottle or covered plastic containers.
  • No glass permitted.
  • The use of video or photo equipment in the facility is strictly prohibited unless an administrative staff member has granted prior approval. Previous permission must be obtained from individuals being video taped.
  • Personal audio devices are not allowed unless used with a headset.
  • No fitness training, sport activities or bouncing balls will be allowed in hallways.
  • Walkers should use the outside lanes of the track.
  • Athletic Training staff and facility staff will not be able to treat recreational users for injuries. In case of an injury, local emergency personnel will be called and the expense of this call shall be the responsibility of the injured party. Ice is available from the issue room upon request but must not be construed as a treatment by the university for injury.
  • Any materials that contain bodily fluids should be provided to the personnel at the issue room counter for disposal according to biohazard procedures.

Complaints concerning a SAC Supervisor should be reported to the Facility Director.


A sponsoring adult must accompany children 15 years of age or younger and the adult must supervise the minor at all times while in the facilities. This includes the pool, pool deck, and bleacher area. There must be at least one adult user present for each four children under the age of 15. Children under the age of 16 may not use the Wellness Center and Strength and Conditioning Center and are not permitted to enter either area.


For health code and safety reasons, individuals using the Strength and Conditioning Center and Wellness Center must wear shirts with full back and front, shorts, and shoes. No "flip flop" sandals, etc., are allowed. The room supervisor will have the final authority on the safety of footwear.

Facility Rental

For information on renting spaces in the SAC contact our rental coordinators

 (or Ryan Ridley, at 262-595-2245 or

Additional information is available in the "SAC Facility" Brochure.


Each SAC membership card entitles the members to purchase guest passes to the building per visit. (There is no limit on guest passes.) Guests must stay with the sponsor at all times. Please take a look at the membership fees for the cost of a guest pass.

Individuals may not solicit members for guest passes. Any person doing so will be denied entry. Any person assisting in permitting an individual to enter illegally will also be denied entry that day.

Locker Rooms

Members and guests are encouraged to leave valuables at home. However, if valuables are brought into the building it is recommended that all valuables be locked in a locker when recreating. The SAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. In the general public locker rooms coin operated wall lockers are available for use. Personal locks may be used during the day but only UW-Parkside locks may be left on overnight.

Members may rent lockers by the year in the general public locker room. There is no partial refund on locker rentals should a member leave the SAC prior to the expiration of the locker rental period. Only one lock per member will be issued.

Only UW-Parkside Faculty & Staff may rent lockers in the reserved Faculty & Staff locker room. First priority for rental of these lockers is to full-time faculty and staff. Any lockers available after September 15 may be rented out to part-time faculty and staff.

Purchase of a UW-Parkside locker towel includes towel laundry. Damaged or extremely soiled towels will be refused for exchange. Only SAC towels will be accepted in the service exchange. If a towel is lost or stolen, it is the owners option to pay full towel price to replace it.

Glass is not permitted in the locker room.


All individuals parking in the SAC parking lots are subject to the campus parking regulations. UW-Parkside Students, faculty and staff are required to purchase their parking passes through University Police. SAC community and alumni memberships include one parking pass.

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