Isaac Chavez

Owner  |  Chavez Financial Management 

2020  |  Accounting



Reflecting on UW-Parkside

Why did you decide to attend UW-Parkside?

I loved the small campus and loved being able to focus on just school. I have always been a small school individual.  

Favorite UW-Parkside memory?

I have so many countless memories at Parkside, but my favorite was working for the Athletics Office and watching the home games.  

How did your UW-Parkside experience impact your professional or personal life?

My UW-Parkside experience impacted my professional/personal career because I made so many lifetime friendships. I still talk to so many individuals from Parkside and they are all over the world. I have friends that live in Italy, Qatar, India, Argentina, etc. that I can contact for anything. 

How have you been involved with UW-Parkside post-graduation? 

I attended the Alumni Pop Up Party in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Professional and Personal Insights


Who has had the biggest influence on your life or your career and why? 

I would say (Athletic Office) Chris Barker, Andrew Gavin, Ryan Ridley, and (Accounting Dept) Rizvana Zammerudin, are all important people that helped me in my professional career. They taught me that without hard work, nothing will get done. Going above and beyond what you have faith in will always pan out. They were able to teach me what hard work gets you! Also showing me with a strong mind you will break through walls and exceed your own expectations. Lastly is God, without God nothing is possible. He has shown me that when things get hard you still must have faith. With all the chaos around the world and in your life you can still have joy! God has taught me at the end of each storm there is always a rainbow and sunshine! The love he has for us is free and we can all attain it. We have what we have because of God’s love, mercy & grace. All of our blessings come from him.  

Advice for current UW-Parkside students?

The advice I have for students that want to be entrepreneurs is the first thing you’ll need is faith in God that he will complete it for you, but when you are prepared for it. Also, you need to have a strong mind. You will have a lot of critiques and a lot of individuals doubting your idea, but you need a strong mind to get over that. If you have a business idea, make sure to prepare for what’s to come. I will list some things that you will need:

  • Have faith! Through Christ anything is possible.  
  • Talk to someone who has done it.  
  • Take the risk  
  • Face your fears.  
  • Sacrifice for the bigger picture.  
  • Strong minded  
  • Do the extra work  
  • Know your mission 
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people.  
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