Mr. Richard C. Gorton, Jr. '83

Richard is currently a software engineer at OpenMobile World Wide, Inc., in Framingham, MA, where he is applying virtualization techniques to enable Android applications to run on non-Android platforms. He grew up in Racine, attending The Prairie School, and holds a bachelor's degree from UW-Parkside in applied computer science. After graduating from UW-Parkside, Richard moved to the Boston, MA area in 1985, and has worked at a variety of companies ranging from start-ups to large companies including DEC/Compaq, Cisco, and AMD. 

His career has focused on developing software tools for a wide variety of computer architectures at the instruction set level: compilers, binary translators, interpreters/simulators, runtime libraries, etc. He holds two computing patents as an inventor, and has co-presented a research project-turned-product at HOT CHIPS, a leading Silicon Valley technology conference.

Richard actively supports STEM education in southeastern Wisconsin by giving back to his alma maters. He founded a K-12 science endowment at The Prairie School, and the CS2100 Computer Science endowment at UW-Parkside. His support enhances students' experiences in the Computer Science department through student scholarships, upgrades to computer lab equipment, and student/faculty research collaborations. Richard is also thrilled to have been able to recruit a number of other UW-Parkside computer science graduates to have successful careers in the Boston area. He serves as a cornerstone of this alumni community through his networking support and hosting social activities – and, of course, encouraging other alumni to give back to UW-Parkside as he has done.  
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