• Has the nominee shown exceptional achievement within their profession? Have they made a significant impact on their profession and/or community?
  • Has the nominee brought distinction to themselves and/or value to their community? Have their achievements brought any recognition to the University?
  • Does the nominee show conclusive evidence of continued growth and progression in his/her chosen career?
  • If he/she is being nominated primarily for a one-time achievement (i.e., discovery, invention, heroic) and does the achievement have lasting impact? Does it pave the way for future development in the field?
  • Do the achievements advance the graduate's profession? Is there evidence that he/she is highly respected by peers?
  • Is the nominee outstanding and distinguished, or is he/she just doing a good job?
  • Does he/she hold offices of leadership, particularly elected positions, in professional societies/organizations?
  • Does the nomination support that the nominee is committed to excellence, continued improvement and lifelong learning?
  • Has the nominee won other prestigious awards?
award criteria
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