Kick Start 

August 28-August 30

Kick Start your College Career  by participating in an early arrival program designed for new first-year students. Students in the Parkside Promise Plus program and the WI Promise Program are expected to participate. 

Kick Start starts on Wednesday, August 28 and runs through Friday, August 30th.  Students living in housing in the fall will be able to check into their Residence hall room on  Tuesday, August 27 from 12 to 4 pm in Ranger Hall.  

Why participate?

Kick Start will:

  • boost your confidence
  • reduce any sense of uncertainty about starting college
  • build your connections with other students
  • introduce you to your academic advisor, freshman seminar instructor and other key staff
  • activate your strengths and
  • provide you with the proven secrets to success in college

PLUS, it is FREE. 

Here's what some of last year's participants had to say...

"It helped me feel more confident and made me feel like I really can succeed in college."

"It was really fun and helpful."

"Loved it. Got to meet new friends."

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Agenda 2024

The program will run from 8:30 am to 5 pm each day with optional social activities in the evening. Campus partners include the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Advising and Career Center, Student Support Services, Parkside Academic Resource, and more. The schedule for the week is below:


August 28    
  8:30 am                  Check In                                         
  9:00 am                  Playfair                                           
11:00 am                  Peer Mentor meetings                
12:00 noon              Ranger Picnic                           
  1:15 pm                  Rotating Sessions
   and                                        The Mosaic Experience
  2:30 pm                                 Finding Your Purpose    
  3:45 pm                 Mini Sessions with Peer Mentors
  6:00 pm                 Dinner (optional)            



August 29

  8:30 am                 Check In                                          
  9:00 am                 Resource Road Rally  
10:00 am                 Rotating Sessions
   and                                        Taking Care of Self 
11:15 am                                 Being Your Own Advocate                
12:15 pm                Lunch                                            
  1:30 pm                Rotating Sessions
     and                                     Excelling in College English
 2:45 pm                               Excelling in College Math         
4:00 pm               Meeting your Peer MentorC
   6:00 pm               Dinner (optional)                          



August 30

  8:30 am                Check In                                          
  9:00 am                Building a Success Mindset                       
11:00 am                Success Coach Meet Up
11:45 am                Making Your Mark 
12:30 pm               Ranger Spirit Rally and Closing Picnic



September 2 and 3   Ranger Welcome



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