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The Academic Planner is your one-stop degree planning, scheduling and registration tool. You can PLAN out your courses for years, then SCHEDULE your classes once posted, and finally REGISTER with one click — all in one place.


Choose from the degree template the courses you would like to take for each term, from now until graduation. You will work with your advisor to refine the plan using the shared workspace. You'll check to see if your courses are often offered in the term you chose and that you have prerequisite courses planned first.  Learn how to use the planner.


Once the term's course schedule is posted, you can create the schedule you want. Determine the time you will take your classes, block out times for work and studying, and get ready to register.  View suggested courses and register for classes.


As soon as registration opens for you, open up the Planner, go to the term you are registering for, double-check that your schedule still works, and click "Register." And you're done!

Navigate Academic Planner is the recommended way to plan, schedule, and register for classes. You can use the Academic Planner to:

  • Design an academic plan for your entire career at Parkside, creating a clear path to graduation.
  • Select courses and plan your schedule before registration opens.
  • Specify times during the day you don't want to take classes.
  • Create your schedule so that you can register for classes with a single click when registration opens.


  1. Login to Navigate Student.
  2. Click on the Planner tab.

Adding Courses to Your Plan

To add courses:

  1. Log in to Navigate Student and, in the Planner tab, use the “+Add Term” button in the upper right-hand corner to add terms to your academic plan.
  2. On the left-hand side of the page is the course selections recommended. If you have a declared or pending major, the suggested courses for your major will be listed in the recommended order. If you are undeclared, the courses recommended will be based on your meta major. Drag over the courses that you plan to take and add them to terms on the right-hand side.
  3. You can also search for courses using the search feature and then add them to your plan.
  4. When you have finished planning your courses, work with your advisor on any changes or suggestions.

Creating a Schedule

  1. From the Planner, click the blue “Pick Times” button to open the Scheduler portion of the tool.
  2. Use the “Edit Preferences” link to input information that will filter the list to help find course sections that work best for you:
    • Where would you like to take classes? This will allow you to choose your preferred campus.
    • When are you busy? This will help block off times where you have important conflicts, like work or athletics practice.
    • Weekly outside commitments. This section won’t filter the courses you see, but it can help you visualize how you will spend your time next term.
  3. Next, pick your sections. Click on the individual classes under the current term and review the list of available sections. Hover over a section to view it on the schedule or click on it to add that section. Note, there are three tabs of sections: available, conflicting, and full. Tip: If there are no sections listed under available, check the “Conflicting” and “Full” tabs.
  4. If desired, you can use the Quick Schedule link at the bottom of the list of courses to see a “best-fit” schedule option that will suggest course sections for you. Be sure to review the "best-fit" suggestion to include the terms you wish to attend and that courses are in appropriate terms.
  5. Continue selecting sections until you have built out your desired schedule. You can scroll down to see more details about the class, like the location and instructor.
  6. When you have completed your schedule and registration has opened, the last step to complete the process is to click the “Register” to be redirected to the registration portal.

If the Navigate Planner is not working for you, registering through Solar is an option. Here is a video that will help with that process. If you have any questions, contact your academic advisor.


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