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Representing UW-Parkside: a Contest for Art Students and Alumni!

Published: September 18, 2014
By: Mary Lenard

The Art Department, in partnership with the Chancellor’s program on International Relations, invites artists’ proposals for an edition of commemorative artwork. The selected work must represent the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, be easily transportable, and function as a token of gratitude to host countries and a gift to visiting dignitaries. The budget (including artist’s stipend, materials, and labor for 200 copies—25 of which will function as an “exclusive edition”) is $1300. Open to UW-Parkside students and alumni only.

Proposal materials are due October 22, 5pm in CART D113. If selected for the project, the artist must have at least 7 completed copies by Nov 1, 2014, with the remaining 193 completed before January 31, 2015.

Proposal materials

UW-Parkside students interested in securing this opportunity must submit the following to the selection committee on October 22, 5pm, in CART D113:

  • A prototype of the proposed artwork, both in its general and “exclusive” form.
  • An outline of the budget, including amount for stipend, materials, and labor.
  • A brief statement describing artist’s plan (use of equipment, external services, etc.) to complete the full edition.
  • A one paragraph description of the concept.

For more information, contact Art Department chair, Lisa Marie Barber at:

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