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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Major

The field of digital art and graphic design has taken off in recent decades with advancements in technology and digital media. Graphic designers create the face of businesses, media, advertising, and endless other fields that rely on their artistic talents. A graphic design major offers highly valuable skills.

Within the Parkside Art Department, students seeking a graphic design major take courses both in studio art and courses specific to the discipline such as typography and layout. Contemporary graphic design is a multi-faceted activity where students select from a broad range of courses from the rich history of traditional print media and package design to the modern era of web design, digital art, and video.

As graphic design is a creative synthesis of both artistic and technological means to communicate ideas, students develop strategies for creative problem solving that relate to the numerous specialized fields of graphic design. 

In addition to course curriculum, students in the major have ample opportunities to work with real clients in a classroom setting simultaneously learning real-world experiences with the guidance of Parkside instructors.

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Real Opportunities
Marketing, Creative Services and additional departments offer students the opportunity to work with university clients on a myriad of projects, including posters, brochures, banners, and advertisements.

Student Club:

Amazing Results
Graduates from the graphic design major are employed in a variety of businesses and organizations. From agency-style marketing communication firms to business advocacy groups, designers are in demand.
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