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Studying art opens doors. It impacts how students look at the world and its visual beauty. It provides a creative outlet that can be personalized. And it connects history, design, culture, and more into a major that can be profitable and fulfilling. 

Artists like you contribute to the richness of our society through various mediums. Here at Parkside, you can major in art or choose it as a minor, plus certificates are available in art history, design, and museum studies. You’ll receive a background in the visual arts, along with experience in two- and three-dimensional studies, art history, and visual culture.

As an art student, you’ll be able to work in well-equipped studios in the company of committed faculty who are there to help you create and learn. Additional lectures and workshops provided by exhibiting artists will complement your studio and classroom experiences.

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Real Opportunities
Parkside proudly houses three modern art galleries in the Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for Arts and Humanities. Here, you will derive inspiration as you display work alongside leading artists from the around the world. Lectures and workshops provide by exhibiting artists complement your studio and classroom experience.
Amazing Results
Amanda McCann ('11) said she looked at all the UW schools. But really liked the arts program at Parkside. "It was exactly the right size for me. I felt like an individual. I really liked the individual attention." Her advice to high school students: Find the school that's the right fit. "I tell students to build a relationship with professors and staff. Be involved. Meet new people by joining a club."
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Contact Info

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