Ford to Faculty and Staff: 'We Recruit Graduates!'

Published: August 27, 2015

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside celebrated the beginning of another academic year Thursday with the time-honored tradition of Fall Convocation.

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During her convocation message, Chancellor Debbie Ford told close to 400 faculty and staff that their work transforms and inspires lives. "Colleagues, we are recruiting graduates. Students who start here want to stay here because of what we do each day in the classroom, in the residence halls, in the advising and student support offices, and across our campus," Ford said. "We promise a "Real. Amazing." experience when they first visit our campus … and we are delivering on our promise.

"This is what gets me going in the morning, knowing that we are transforming and making a real difference in our students lives. And knowing that we are inspiring one another and our communities."

Read a transcript of Chancellor Ford's Convocation Remarks

Ten faculty and staff were honored for "Real. Amazing." contributions to the university. 

  • Don Lintner, Academic Staff Distinguished Service Award
  • Dave Light, Classified Staff Distinguished Service Award
  • April Puryear, Classified Staff Distinguished Service Award
  • Madhumita (Mita) Banerjee, Advising Excellence Award
  • Jordania Leon-Jordan, University of Wisconsin-Parkside Diversity Award
  • Peter Knight, Community Engaged Learning and Research Award
  • Susan Lincke, Excellence in Research and Creative Activity Award
  • Farida Khan, Faculty Distinguished Service Award
  • Kristin Holmberg-Wright, Stella C. Gray Teaching Excellence Award, the university's top teaching award
  • James Kinchen, Stella C. Gray Teaching Excellence Award, the university's top teaching award

2015 Convocation Faculty and Staff Award Page

The retiree class of 2015 represents more than 250 years of service to the university. In attendance at convocation:

  • Mary Day, Precollege Program, 15 years
  • Robert Zimla, IS Tech Services, 15 years
  • Victoria Bellis, Cashier's Office, 16 years
  • Michael Clickner, Theatre Arts, Fireside Coordinator, 24 years
  • Don Lintner, Creative Services, 30 years
Ford closed the event by asking faculty and staff to join her in building on the positive momentum of the university. "Being a proud member of the UW-Parkside learning community is all about learning at a great place, knowing you are making a difference, and enjoying the opportunity to engage with real, amazing students, colleagues, and alumni.

"We are the University of Wisconsin-Parkside - a university that transforms and inspires lives!"
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