Monday Update: College of Natural and Health Sciences Update

Published: March 29, 2021
By: Dean Emmanuel Otu

Below is a list of highlights and publications from CNHS faculty and staff:


  • Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Francis Mann, was named the 2020 Carl Gulbrandsen Innovator of the Year and will receive the UW System 2021-2022 Regent Scholar Award.
  • Assistant Professor of Physics, Dr. Bom Soo Kim, received the 2020-2021 WiSys Spark grant for his project “Improving the accuracy of the chiral magnetic skyrmion motion in the racetrack memory devices," with fund $9,540 to support Undergraduate research, Spark Grant, WiSys and UW-Parkside.
  • Two of Parkside’s Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics (MBB) students earned American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASMB) certification with distinction, and one MBB student earned ASBMB certification. Of the 926 students in ASBMB-accredited programs who took the exam nationwide, 374 (40.4%) achieved certification. A total of 154 of these (16.6% of the total) achieved certification with distinction. 
  • Two issues of the Parkside Journal of Science were published. A very first of its kind, a journal edited entirely by CNHS students under the supervision of Assistant Professor of Physics, Dr. Hom Kandel.
  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Daryl Sauer’s following patent disclosure was accepted by WiSys: Synthesis of Novel Ketone Body Analogs for Use As Potential Nutritional Supplements, by Daryl Sauer and UW-Parkside undergraduate student Samuel Rozzoni.
  • Assistant Professor of Physics, Dr. Hom Kandel was issued a US Patent: Hom Kandel et al. "Ceramic Electrical Insulation Coating”, United States Patent # US10658091
  • Dr. Sylvia Beyer, Professor of Psychology, and Bill Miller, Associate Professor of Sport Management, were recently awarded the Advanced Certificate of Effective College Instruction from the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). Professors Beyer and Miller completed a series of modules focused on online learning to earn this specialized credential. Their work this past summer and fall augmented their previous efforts to earn a Certificate in Effective Instruction from ACUE and the American Council on Education (ACUE).
  • The HKSM Department is proud to announce that we will be staging our 2021 UW-Parkside Sport Management Conference on Friday, April 9, 2021 from 8:45 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Due to current COVID restrictions, the conference will be staged virtually. It is free and open to the public but registration in advance is required.

Keynote speakers include Martin Jarmond, Director of Athletics at UCLA, and Jim Rooney, Pittsburgh Steelers owner and Co-Partner of Rooney Consulting. Other confirmed speakers include noteworthy guests such as TMJ4 Sports Anchor Lance Allan, GLIAC Commissioner Kris Dunbar, WIAC Commissioner Danielle Harris, Wisconsin State Golf Association Executive Director Rob Jansen, Green Bay Packers play-by-play broadcaster Wayne Larrivee and Milwaukee Admirals VP of Communications Charlie Larson.

Additional details and registration information can be found at the PSMC website:


  • Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Dr. Robert Barber, recently published work from his laboratory: Bachochin MJ, Van Allen M, Barber RD. Characterization of a Rhodobacter sphaeroides primary fatty acid kinase. Arch Microbiol. 2021 Mar;203(2):861-864. doi: 10.1007/s00203-020-02055-y. Epub 2020 Oct 10. PMID: 33040182.
  • Associate Professor in the Health, Kinesiology and Sport Management program, Dr. Jose Palao published two articles:
    • García-Angulo, A., Ortega-Toro, E., Giménez-Egido, J. M., Olmedilla, A., García-Mas, A., & Palao, J. M. (2021). Does youth soccer players’ group cooperation improve when pitch, goal, and team size are reduced?. Journal of Human Kinetics, 78: 1-9.
    • Palao, J. M., Visiedo, A., & Frideres, J. E. (2021). Sources of information used by collegiate coaches of female athletes for their continuing education according to their sport and their socio-demographic characteristics. Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual. 36, 182-202.
  • Professor of Psychology, Dr. Sylvia Beyer published: Beyer, S. (2020). Relation between college students’ conservatism and negative stereotypes about social groups. Social Sciences, 9(12).
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dr. Meredith McGinley published two articles:
    • McGinley, M., Pierotti, S., & Carlo, G. (2021). Latent profiles of multidimensional prosocial behaviors: An examination of prosocial personality groups. Journal of Social Psychology. Advance Online Publication.
    • McGinley, M., & Davis, A. N. (in press). Helicopter parenting and drinking outcomes among college students: The moderating role of family income. Journal of Adult Development.
  • Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, Dr. Jessica Orlofske with her colleagues from Climate Change Canada and the Canadian Rivers Institute published: O’Malley, Z.G., Z.G. Compson, J.M. Orlofske, R.A. Curry., D.J. Baird, & W.A. Monk. Riparian and in-channel habitat properties linked to dragonfly emergence. Scientific Reports.

HUMOR by Julie Lee (Assistant to the Provost & Vice Provost)


For the first faculty ever in my ten years at UW-Parkside to submit her sabbatical report to the Provost without one reminder, much less three. Award

I’m going to see if we can have you recognized at Convocation. But in case that doesn’t fly, may I present this award to you?

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