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Welcome to Navigate — an undergraduate student success management system. Navigate combines technology, research, process improvement, and predictive analytics. With student's goals and Parkside's devoted faculty and staff working together Navigate can help improve outcomes all students — particularly those at risk for not reaching their goals. (You can read more about how Navigate will work further down the page.)

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For Faculty & Staff

Navigate provides a streamlined way to provide smart, strategic, coordinated care across an undergraduate student's journey at Parkside — everything from faculty feedback on student progress to cross-campus referrals. 

  • View a snapshot of critical student information before or during advising appointments
  • Receive timely notifications about student completion of gateway courses or grade thresholds
  • Use custom search criteria to generate student lists and conduct proactive outreach
  • Display student transcript data in a simple format
  • View semester-by-semester trends in student GPA and credit accumulation
  • View a student's level of risk within his/her declared major based on historical institutional data
  • Save time by viewing important student information from multiple Campus Connection sources in one place, with a user-friendly interface
  • Use the notes feature to track interactions with students, including referrals to appropriate campus resources
  • Enhance communication with students 

For Administrators

Navigate provides cutting-edge intelligence through analytics components, including institution-specific historical trend analytics, predictive analytics, population health analytics and analysis of support service use and efficacy. 

  • Identify gateway courses that are predictive of student success in a program or major
  • Identify course bottlenecks and course sequencing issues to drive curriculum change
  • Share data with faculty to assist with curriculum redesign
  • Use real-time data on student progress and risk assessment to proactively reach out and get students back on track for timely and successful graduation
  • Enhance communication with faculty, advisors and students
academic planner


Academic planner is a one-stop degree planning, scheduling, and registration tool. Students lay out their classes — term by term — and confirm with their advisor (through the tool) that they are making the right course choices.

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Here's how Navigate works.

Navigate combines technology, research, process improvement, and predictive analytics to help us improve outcomes for all students, and particularly those at risk for not reaching their goals. It does so by improving our processes in  communications, promoting responsible, actionable use of data and predictive analytics, and streamlining workflow.

Navigate improves how we communicate with our students by providing email and texting options that let us reach out to individual students and targeted groups to provide actionable information. We know that this type of proactive outreach has a direct and positive impact on student success, and the Navigate offers us the tools we need to do it consistently and well.

Navigate improves how we communicate with each other about our students. With one click, you’ll be able to see the interactions your student has had with other professionals on campus and contact additional team members who can provide necessary support.

Navigate identifies students at risk for not reaching their goals before problems become insurmountable, which allows us to connect students to resources they need in time to make a difference.

Navigate provides data that support useful, purpose-driven conversations between students and their support network about the progress they’re making toward their degree.

Navigate offers sophisticated search options that allow individual users to quickly and easily obtain actionable information about targeted groups of students that would previously have required queries to Institutional Research.

Navigate enables staff to spend more time providing direct student support and faculty on teaching, mentoring, and research by simplifying administrative processes, such as writing reports and notes, scheduling appointments, communicating with students, and preparing for meeting with students.

Why we joined Navigate.

Parkside, along with the other UW System comprehensive campuses, joined Navigate to improve campus engagement, retention, and graduation rates. Improving our communication strategies and expanding our use of predictive analytics will help ensure that students who enroll at Parkside stay enrolled, make timely progress toward a degree, and graduate with a strong sense of purpose. While each student will ultimately define what success means for them individually, as higher education professionals we have the responsibility to do everything we can to make sure that they all have the opportunity to reach their personal, academic, and professional goals.


Here's what we think Parkside can achieve:

  • Increase retention
  • Improve four- and six-year graduation rates
  • Reduce overall time to degree
  • Reduce and ultimately eliminate the retention and graduation gap for students of color and students from low-income backgrounds
  • Provide targeted, timely outreach to encourage students to engage more effectively with academic advising, support services, and the campus community
  • Improve communication among campus community members to support student success
  • Increase student satisfaction with their experience
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