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The Innovations in Learning team is proud to present a brand new film studio! This studio is filled with state of the art filming equipment to provide faculty and staff with an amazing opportunity to create high-quality educational media content. We also have video editing available to help take your videos to the next level. If you are interested, please email innovations@uwp.edu.

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Getting Started in the Studio

After getting in contact with the Innovations in Learning team for your project, we will set up a consultation to determine what the best route is for your video’s needs. The project’s style and equipment will change depending on factors such as video content, video length, and visual aids. We will also discuss the scope of the video(s) in-question and what sort of turnaround time can be expected.

Email innovations@uwp.edu to schedule a consultation.

Know what you want to say before coming in to record! 
We will discuss what your video is about during your consultation, but rehearsing beforehand and bringing in a rough script are both useful practices!

Keep videos brief, under five or ten minutes whenever possible.
Video analytics have consistently shown that longer videos do not retain viewers or simply do not get watched in first place. Short, bite-sized videos are much easier for your viewers to digest.

Have your materials ready! 
If you are utilizing a PowerPoint or graphics in the video, send us a copy of the files ahead of time. This way we can overlay them during the editing or recording process!

Make your recording appointment in advance! 
While we will accommodate appointments whenever possible, we cannot guarantee availability of the room or an Innovations staff, member to record drop-ins at a moment’s notice.

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We’re pleased to present our latest piece of technology, our interactive lightboard! Imagine writing on a whiteboard for your lecture, but instead of turning your back to the class, you’re still looking at them through the whiteboard. That’s essentially what this new tool does! By combining the glass, LED strip lighting, window markers, and a black background, the things you write on the glass will appear to be floating in front of you as you talk!


If you’d like to use the lightboard, here are a few things to remember before you come in for recording:

Know what you’re going to write or draw ahead of time! The lightboard isn’t as wide as the boards in the classrooms, and erasing it takes considerably longer. Being strategic about what you’re writing will make the recording process go much smoother.

Avoid wearing a shirt with text or logos on it since the final video will be flipped horizontally.

If you plan on covering the entire lightboard at one time with writing, wear a darker shirt so that the writing can still be visible. If it’s too bright, the neon marker may blend in with your shirt!

Avoid black shirts for the most part. This guideline isn’t as important as the others, but keep in mind that the background will also be black. Your torso won’t completely blend in, but your head and arms may look a bit “floaty” if your shirt and the background are too identical.

Lightboard Demo

Green Screen

In addition to our black backdrop, we now have a green screen! This is used to make it appear as though you’re standing in front of a background we edit in, similar to a weather anchor on television.


If we determine that the green screen would be useful for you during our consultation, here are a few of things to keep in mind:

Avoid wearing bright green and neon colors! The green screen works by digitally painting out a range of colors, in this case neon green. If your clothes are too similar, you will start disappearing as well!

Prepare your background! Make sure that your background image/video is high resolution. 1920 x 1080 pixels (also known as 1080p) is the ideal minimum size so ensure that your back- ground doesn’t look blocky and pixelated.

Send us your background media files ahead of time! This way we can have files ready to go when you arrive for recording.

Green Screen Demo

Document Camera

The Innovations team has a brand new document camera that is perfect for displaying objects, documents, and small-scale demonstrations. This would be especially useful in science courses like geology where there are physical objects such as rocks or soil samples being discussed.


Here is a list of things you should be aware of if you're planning on recording with the document camera:

Have your materials prepared! The point of the document camera is to display small materials whether that be documents or objects. Before you come to the studio to record, be sure to have your materials ready for filming and bring them to thee studio with you.

Now what you're going to say beforehand. If you intend on speaking in your video, it's good to have an outline of what you'd like to talk about.

Document Camera Demo

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