No. We are taking every step possible to ensure that we emerge stronger and better prepared as an institution. We will continue to provide the educational opportunities and support that will allow us to continue to meet the needs of the students and the community we serve. How we accomplish this certainly will look different.

The Huron Consulting Group identified 32 opportunities for the University to pursue, some immediate opportunities to help mitigate the FY24 deficit, and others focus on a longer-term strategy. The leadership team will work to prioritize these opportunities and make decisions about next steps. View the report summary.

Workforce Reduction

UW-Parkside is working to gather information and input from university leaders and shared governance to inform the budget and workforce reduction process. This will require us to look at every position and evaluate the needs in every area.

Layoff totals will be determined through the budget and workforce reduction process. The University is facing an approximate deficit of $5 million will institute budget cuts, VSIPS, and layoffs to achieve a balanced budget.

This is not an across the board layoff and impacts on departments, units, colleges, and divisions have not yet been determined. We will know more by mid to late December.

There are different rules for each employment type. Additional information

Voluntary Separation Incentive Program

Yes. It is possible that a person who does not accept a VSIP can be laid off.

If we do not approve a VSIP is because we need the position. However, there is no guarantee that in the future the position will not be impacted. We are basing decisions on what we know today.


No, an employee may not work on a day that is intended for furlough. 

They may receive a furlough notification letter based on operational and financial considerations. 

Yes, we understand these are difficult times and encourage employees to utilize this program. More information can be found online – Username: SOWI.  

Yes, furlough hours would not count towards the annual FMLA bank. 

Yes, paid leave can be used with supervisor approval for all non-furlough days.  

Please see the official guidelines from UW System's webpage:

Entering Time On Your Timecard During Furlough 

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