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This page is designed to serve as a resource for information on UW-Parkside’s Strategic Budget Planning. Here you will find links to the early retirement program, furlough details and, at a later date, layoffs. (VSIP and Layoff Timeline 2023/24 pdf)

You will also find links to employee communications, FAQs, and resources to help you navigate these next several months.

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          Financial Assessment Update                       (April 11, 2024)

timeline and guiding

Contraction Process and
Guiding Principles

Support fiscal sustainability.
Prioritize academic excellence
and student success.


UW-Parkside is implementing intermittent furloughs through
June 1, 2024.


Town Hall Meetings
UW-Parkside will host town hall meetings to share information with employees and answer questions.


The Voluntary Separation Incentive Program for eligible UW-Parkside employees.


Strategic Budget Planning Information
Strategic Budget Planning sessions with Huron Consulting produced
this report

Deloitte's report can be accessed here


Frequently Asked Questions
Look for answers about furloughs, workforce reduction, and the voluntary separtation incentive program.

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