The Academic Achievement & Assessment Committee (AAAC) oversees assessment of learning outcomes to strengthen the University’s teaching and learning. The committee provides the University-wide perspective on learning outcomes assessment as carried out through the University’s degree-granting programs and majors.

The AAAC is comprised of five faculty members appointed by the University Committee, one academic staff member appointed by the Academic Staff Committee, one student appointed by the Parkside Student Government, and up to three non-voting administrative members appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.


Hom Kandel

AAAC Members (2021-22):

Hom Kandel (Chair, CNHS)
Gregory Cramer (CSSPS)
Erin Hillard (CNHS)
Susan Lincke (CBEC)
John Standard (Academic Staff)
Amber Handy (Administrator)
Gary Wood (Administrator)
Han Zhang (Administrator)
Vacant (CAH)
Vacant (Student)

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