Our mission is to support the University by raising funds that will enhance access to educational excellence and to promote mutually beneficial partnerships.


Our vision is to be an essential provider of resources, partnerships and advocacy for the University to enhance educational, cultural, economic, and community opportunities.

Guiding Principles

  • Team with the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Advancement, campus, and community to advance the mission of the University in alignment with the University’s strategic priorities.
  • Conduct the Foundation’s business with integrity and transparency.
  • Exercise prudent investment management.
  • Honor the intentions of the donor and provide appropriate recognition. 
  • Embrace diversity of the University and Foundation in all of its forms. 
  • Inclusiveness.

Value Proposition

The value proposition of the UW-Parkside Foundation is to strengthen the region through funding of scholarships, undergraduate research and high impact collaborative learning opportunities which will enhance our global community through increased access to education.

The value of UW-Parkside Foundation to…


  • Provide scholarships to talented, motivated students
  • Expand internships, undergraduate research and collaborative learning opportunities for students
  • Provide community and business connections leading to career and personal growth


  • Affordable education
  • Graduating with low debt
  • Scholarship, undergraduate research and collaborative learning opportunities
  • Increase pride in UW-Parkside

Business Community

  • Enhance the skillset and diversity of the local talent pool: skilled, motivated, resilient
  • Strengthen the southeast Wisconsin community in order to attract/retain talent
  • Align education to future employer needs: valuable degree programs
  • Offer opportunities to introduce their businesses and interact with future talent
  • Enhance strategic positioning in the global marketplace through association with UW System

UW-Parkside Alumni

  • Enhance the global strategic positioning of UW-Parkside
  • Ensure the value of a UW-Parkside degree
  • Develop deeper relationships with current students to improve recruitment and retention
  • Increase the success of the Alumni Association in building an alumni network and alumni pride in UW-Parkside
  • Enhance professional development opportunities for alumni
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