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  • My son has been able to discuss the parts of the brain with us, and has shown us his focused breathing.We're encouraging him to do the focused breathing every day, and we use meditation apps together.  I hope that this camp is offered again next year!Mindfulness Camp Parent

Youth Development

What is STEAM?
If you asked the dictionary, it would say "the vapor into which water is converted when heated, forming a white mist of minute water droplets in the air." If you asked Continuing Ed, though, we'd say that it's our acronym for exciting, new youth camps that involve Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mindfulness. These fun and educational programs enhance the learning experience that your child receives at school while delving into topics of particular interest. Through these camps, your child will have the opportunity to create animated movies, play with robots, have an outdoor adventure, paint a masterpiece, and after all that excitement, learn to focus and meditate in our mindfulness camp.

Youth Sponsorship Opportunities
Youth Sponsorship
Help bring opportunities to the children of Racine and Kenosha counties. All children should have the same opportunities for learning, growth, and development. That is why we have created a flexible sponsorship program geared toward our local youth. Visit our Youth Sponsorship Program site to find out how you can sponsor a camp today!
Scholarship Opportunities
Scholarship Opportunities
The University of Wisconsin-Parkside has limited scholarship funds available to help eligible children participate in its 2017 STEAM Summer Camp program. Partial scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to students whose families meet the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines. Please note that because funds are limited, qualifying for a scholarship does not guarantee a scholarship award. The scholarship program allows one scholarship per child per summer. However, if a family has more than one child the parent or guardian may submit a separate application for each child in the household. Completed applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants will be notified within 10 business days of receipt. To apply for a youth summer camp scholarship select the scholarship application link below and complete the online form.
Youth Summer Camp Scholarship Application
Environmental Explorers
Environmental Explorers 
Young scientists delve into concepts such as wildlife research, dissection, geology, and microscope discovery in this hands-on camp. 
Grades 6-8 |  July 31-Aug 4  |  9-3:30p  
Engineering Camps
LEGO® Robotics 
Students explore the design process and solve puzzles including maneuvering a robot through a maze using teamwork and a LEGO MINDSTORM EV3. 
Grades 5-9  |  Aug 7-11  |  8:30-12p 
$289  |  Early registration $269 
Minecraft® Designers 
Students learn the basics of creating 3D models using a new software to design their very own objects, create skins for characters, and import them into their favorite Minecraft® games. 
Ages 8-14*  |  June 26-30 

*Two sessions:
Ages 8-11 yrs | 9-12p 
Ages 11-14 yrs | 1-4p

Youth Mindfulness 
Students in this camp learn better stress management skills, improve their awareness, and discover how to focus on their surroundings. 
Grades 1-5  |   Aug 14-18  |  9-12p 
3D Video Game 
Students learn the physics behind 3D games, explore beginner event scripting, level design, controlling flow of gameplay, and storytelling. Ages 8-14* |  July 24-28 
APP Attack! 
Using a specialized app and game development tool, students explore the world of web-based (HTML5) mobile apps. Kids will make apps, just like the ones in the App Store! 
Ages 8-14* |  July 10-14 
Minecraft® Animators 
Young engineers bring their favorite Minecraft® characters to life in an animated short film! Students learn how studios like Pixar and Disney used techniques to make movies like Inside Out®. 
Ages 8-14* |  July 17-21 

*Two sessions:
Ages 8-11 yrs | 9-12p 
Ages 11-14 yrs | 1-4p
Young Rembrandts 
Research and experts say that there is a direct correlation between involvement in the arts and success in the classroom. Help young artists’ creativity flourish while developing focus and self-discipline. 
Ages 6-12  |  Apr 18-20  |  9:30-12p  |  $93
Ages 6-12  |  Jun 19-23  |  9:30-12p | $155
Your child will sing the week away at a camp that celebrates music, new friends, and high level instruction. Jam packed with daily clinics, master classes, performances, and concerts, this is one camp that music lovers won't want to miss!
Ages 14-College  |  July 9-14  |  Day Camper: $499 (Before April 30)  |  Overnight Camper: $599 (Before April 30)
Summer reading programs
Summer Reading Programs 
Supporting child literacy is one of the most important ways you can assist youth learning. Children in this program double their reading speed, improve comprehension, and learn to enjoy reading. 
Ages 4-adult  |  Pricing varies

4 Year Olds and Entering Kindergartners
Entering 1st Graders
Entering 2nd Graders

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