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  • My son has been able to discuss the parts of the brain with us, and has shown us his focused breathing.We're encouraging him to do the focused breathing every day, and we use meditation apps together.  I hope that this camp is offered again next year!Mindfulness Camp Parent



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Youth Development

Summer spent the right way
Our summer 2018 youth camps focus on skills that kids can build at an early age that could blossom into future passions and even careers. With camps in coding, engineering, robotics, mindfulness, and technology, there's something for everyone. At a UW-Parkside summer youth camp, your child has the opportunity to build robots, create video games, kayak, learn to meditate, and much more. Discover what their future holds today! 
Code Breakers - NEW

Calling all future coders, programmers, & designers! Learn the basics of coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS through a series of web projects and design challenges each day and be on your way to becoming the next tech star! Whether you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or the high school student who just made $1 million dollars for programming in his bedroom, this course has the essentials you need to begin your journey. Projects will be available on a Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. More information and registration.

Environmental Explorers

UW-Parkside invites your middle-school kids (entering grades 6-8) to spend a full week learning in a fun hands-on adventure into natural science alongside UW-Parkside science professors as they explore the natural environment of southeast Wisconsin. More information and registration. 

Lego Robotics

Robotics and computers are for more than just games! Middle-schoolers can use them to solve fun, interesting challenges. Explore the design process and solve puzzles including maneuvering a robot through a maze using teamwork and a LEGO MINDSTORM EV3. No experience required, just your thinking skills and patience. More information and registration.

Make Your First 3D Video Game

Go beyond the limitations of 2D games to create an immerisve 3D world. Learn the physics behind 3D games, explore beginner event scripting, level design, controlling the flow of gameplay, and storytelling. More information and registration.

Minecraft© Modders - NEW

Use your favorite game to learn the basics of modding and foundations of programming. Learn scripting and logic statements as you create your first mods! Introductory coding will also be taught through a simulated environment inspired by Minecraft. Student projects will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. More information and registration.

ROBLOX® Makers-Coders-Entrepreneurs - NEW

Discover how to code in the Lua language while playing and designing worlds in ROBLOX®, an online universe where you can create anything you dream of. This new class combines game design concepts, coding, and fun! Young entrepreneurs will also learn how to navigate Roblox’s fast growing marketplace to publish their games. Student-created games will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. More information and registration.

Youth Mindfulness

Your child will learn to be aware in the present moment without judgment. Children will work to improve their awareness with focus on the breath, their senses, and positive attitudes. Learning self-regulation, focus, and stress management skills now can help them throughout their lives. Understanding how their brain works and the concept of mindfulness can help them gain greater appreciate and a sense of gratitude. More information and registration.

A Cappella University

Daily clinics, masterclasses, and final performances along with concerts by a cappella headliners add up to an awesome experience. A dorm with a roommate, three meals a day, and some rad apparel all come together with your voice to equal one incredible summer workshop! More information and registration.


Scholarship Opportunities
Scholarship Opportunities

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside has limited scholarship funds available to help eligible children participate in its 2018 Summer Camp program. Partial scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to students whose families meet the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines. Please note that because funds are limited, qualifying for a scholarship does not guarantee a scholarship award. The scholarship program allows one scholarship per child per summer. However, if a family has more than one child the parent or guardian may submit a separate application for each child in the household. Completed applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants will be notified within 30 days of receipt. Please note the Summer Reading Program and A Cappella University are not included in the scholarship program.

Online Scholarship Request Form
Printable PDF - Scholarship Request Form

Youth Sponsorship Opportunities
Youth Sponsorship

Help bring opportunities to the children of Racine and Kenosha counties. All children should have the same opportunities for learning, growth, and development. That is why we have created a flexible sponsorship program geared toward our local youth. Visit our Youth Sponsorship Program site to find out how you can sponsor a camp today!

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