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Art Department scholarships are available to both incoming freshmen and continuing students on a yearly basis, and are awarded primarily on a creative merit as evidenced by a portfolio of five pieces selected by the applicant: portfolios are judged in the spring of every academic year for the following year.

2020 Scholarship Timeline

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In Canvas, go to "Art Department Scholarships" for instructions and to submit your items.


The deadline was April 24. Scholarships that are awarded can be used for the 2020-21 academic year.

Questions? Contact Professor Bartel: bartelk@uwp.edu

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Art Department Scholarships

Amounts and availability vary

Roland Jansky
Awarded to Art Major with a Concentration in 3D

Matthew Bynum Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to art major who has junior standing (between 40-50 credits)

Brian John Martin Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to art major who has sophomore or junior standing (25-83 credits)

Steve Vasy Memorial Art Scholarship
Open to all art majors

Julius and Alice Goldstein Endowed Scholarship
Open to all art majors

Kenosha Art Association
Awarded to a Kenosha county resident

Racine Art Guild
Awarded to a Racine County Resident

College of Arts and Humanities Scholarships

Other scholarships, including the Picken Scholarship and the Link Scholarship, are available through the College of Arts and Humanities. View the College of Arts and Humanities Scholarships page for details on these and other CAH scholarships.

CAH Scholarships

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