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Spanish Major

Pursuing a major in Spanish at Parkside is much more than simply learning to speak a language -- although that does provide many benefits, including making you a more valuable candidate in the job market. The Spanish major at Parkside is about discovering and exploring a language with a rich history that consists of many dialects and serves as a gateway to exciting cultures and noteworthy modern and historical literature.

Professor Gail Gonzalez believes, "Languages provide a cross-cultural understanding of how people think. When you become moderately fluent in a second language, you examine what you do from more than one perspective." 

Parkside students often pursue a double major or pair a Spanish major with a minor in business management, legal studies, political science and more. Their bi-lingual proficiency propels them into careers in education, translating and interpreting, business, and the health professions.

Learn more about the Modern Languages Department and the Spanish major at Parkside.

Real Opportunities
¿Hablas español? Students pursuing a major or minor in Spanish have an opportunity to learn the language, to listen, read, write and speak intelligibly. But, there are also courses available to learn about Peninsular and Latin American literature and culture. Spanish-language philosophers, artists, and writers have made contributions to the world and have much to offer students who are eager to learn.
Amazing Results

Our graduates can pursue careers in fields such as teaching, translation, foreign or diplomatic service, editing and publishing, media, banking, business, and travel services. Here are some specific examples:

  • Teacher at Evergreen charter school (bilingual)
  • Spanish teacher at Case High School
  • Medical translator at Wheaton Franciscan Health Care
  • Coordinator of Medical Spanish program at Milwaukee Area Technical College
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