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Clinical Mental Health Counseling Application Checklist

The Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is a graduate degree program designed for students who already have a bachelor’s degree (or will have one by the start of the program). We encourage you to attend one of our Information Sessions listed in the Find Out More section here.

February 15, 2022 is the application due date for Fall 2022 admission.

Have you been asked to provide a recommendation?

Please click on the link button below for information about the process and tools.


step 1

Complete the UW System Online Application

Create an account and start a new application for Parkside at apply.wisconsin.edu. 
(When you access this online application, you will be asked to respond to two essay questions. Do not respond to these questions. See the instructions for the personal essays in Step 4)

step 2

Submit $56 application fee

The application fee can be paid online at the time of submission using a credit card. You can also log back into your UW System Online Application, and submit the fee after you have finished the application.

This fee is non-refundable.

step 3

Submit Official Transcripts 

Official transcripts must be submitted for all colleges and universities you ever attended, whether courses will transfer or not. All transcripts must be official and come directly from the institution.

If an applicant attended graduate school, then all graduate transcripts need to be submitted, whether or not one completed the program.

If an applicant left another graduate program prior to earning a degree, then they need to submit documentation (e.g., a letter) from the director of the graduate program indicating that the applicant was in good standing when they left a different graduate program. Documentation of good standing should be sent from the director of the previous graduate program via e-mail directly to Dr. Aaron Carlstrom, Coordinator of CMHC Program carlstro@uwp.edu.

If you are a graduate of UW-Parkside then there is no need to submit your UW-Parkside transcripts. For Parkside graduates who transferred to UW-Parkside, the Admissions Office may also have transcripts from other institutions you attended. If you have questions regarding which transcripts we already have or about submitting transcripts, then please contact the Admissions Office: 262-595-2355 or email admissions@uwp.edu

  • All documents can be emailed to admdocs@uwp.edu. The only exception is if UW-Parkside is already in another schools drop down list.
  • Transcripts submitted through an electronic service, such as Parchment or by mail, will also be accepted.

Where to Submit Materials via Mail

UW-Parkside Admissions
900 Wood Rd
Kenosha, WI 53144


step 4

Personal Essays

Two essays are to be submitted. Essays that are 1-2 double-spaced pages tend to be an appropriate length. In addition to evaluating the content of the essays, the program faculty also evaluate the writing quality. You should have at least one person proof read your personal essays.

You may submit your personal essays by e-mailing them as attachments to admdocs@uwp.edu. The essays should be titled “Essay 1_Last Name” and “Essay 2_Last Name”, respectively. The subject line of your e-mail should be “CMHC – Essays –Last Name”. You may also submit personal essays via U.S. mail. See below for Admissions Office mailing address

Essay 1 – What are your professional goals and how do you envision the CMHC program at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside helping you to reach those goals? In your response, describe your interest in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and how your experiences – academic, work, volunteer and/or personal – have led you to apply for a graduate program in counseling at UW-Parkside.

Essay 2 - Success in a CMHC graduate program is influenced by students’ academic background and achievement, and personal characteristics and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, the CMHC program at UW-Parkside and the counseling profession are committed to training counselors to develop competencies in multicultural counseling, advocacy, and social justice issues. Describe how your academic background and achievement, and personal characteristics and interpersonal skills, have prepared you for this program? Also, how have your experiences prepared you to develop as a multiculturally competent counselor?

Where to Submit Materials via Mail

UW-Parkside Admissions
900 Wood Rd
Kenosha, WI 53144


step 5

Three (3) Professional Recommendations

Three professional recommendations from people familiar with your education and/or work experience need to be submitted. The recommendations include a letter of recommendation and completion of the recommendation rating form from each individual.

All three recommendations must be academic or work references. At least one letter is required to be from an academic reference, and at least one is required to be from a work reference. This can be from full-time or part-time work; paid, volunteer or internship work; and from human services or other types of work experiences. Recommendations from work experiences must be from individuals with a supervisory relationship to you. Personal recommendations are not acceptable, such as those from family members, co-workers, friends, one’s personal mental health counselor, one’s personal clergy member, etc.

The letters of recommendation and completed recommendation rating form must be submitted directly to Admissions from the person providing the recommendation. 

You should share the link to this page (or the link below) with the people providing your recommendations.




A current, professional resume needs to be submitted. You may submit your personal resume by e-mailing it as an attachment to admdocs@uwp.edu. The resume should be titled “Resume_Last Name”. The subject line of your e-mail should be “CMHC – Resume –Last Name”. You may also submit the resume via U.S. mail. See below for Admissions Office mailing address.

Where to Submit Materials via Mail
UW-Parkside Admissions
900 Wood Rd
Kenosha, WI 53144 




If you haven’t done so already, activate your SOLAR and Rangermail accounts.

SOLAR (Student Online Access To Ranger) You will use SOLAR to enroll in classes, pay your bill, and more.

Rangermail is your Parkside email account. Check your Rangermail frequently for updates and communication.

Frequently Asked Questions


Courses from the following academic disciplines are considered social science for the purposes of applying to the CMHC program at UW-Parkside: psychology, sociology, anthropology, criminal justice, communication, education, geography, political science, and economics. Other disciplines may be accepted.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum social sciences requirement should e-mail Dr. Aaron Carlstrom, Coordinator of CMHC Program (carlstro@uwp.edu).

Applicants who do not meet the minimum undergraduate GPA requirement may submit additional materials to demonstrate that they are academically prepared for graduate work, such as GRE or MAT scores. E-mail Dr. Aaron Carlstrom, Coordinator of CMHC Program (carlstro@uwp.edu), if you have questions about this requirement.

Applicants with an undergraduate GPA between 2.75-2.99 may be admitted on a probationary status (without submitting GRE or MAT scores).

You can check your "To Do List" in SOLAR for missing materials. Read the tutorial here.

You can also call the Office of Admissions at 262-595-2355 or email admissions@uwp.edu.

After all required application materials are submitted, a committee will review the application and make a decision. A decision letter is then sent by mail. Typically, this arrives within two weeks after all materials are submitted.

You may also call us to check the status of your application: 262-595-2355. A decision can only be shared directly with the student who applied.


Each recommender is asked to fill out a Letter of Recommendation and a Recommendation Rating Form

Letter of Recommendation
For the letter, if possible, save and submit it as a pdf document. 

Recommendation Rating Form
The recommedation rating form works best if you click on the orange link box to the right, completely fill out the form, click the "print" icon at the top right corner of the form page, and save as a pdf.


The Letter of Recommendation files should be titled “Recommendation_Applicant Last Name_Recommender Last Name”

The digital Recommendation Rating Form should be titled “Rating Form_Applicant Last Name_Recommender Last Name”.
Rating form_Randall_Jones

Email Subject Line
Please add this to the email subject line “CMHC – Recommendation – Applicant Last Name”.

Both of the documents (letter and rating form) should be submited by you, the recommender, via e-mail as an attached file (not photo). 

Please email them to admdocs@uwp.edu.

Recommenders may also submit recommendations via U.S. mail. 

Where to Submit Materials via Mail

UW-Parkside Admissions
900 Wood Rd
Kenosha, WI 53144

Thank you for taking the time to help the individuals applying to thes Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program. If you have any questions, please contact Jeanne Suda at suda@uwp.edu

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