Ethics Certificate

With a certificate in ethics you will be able to reflect on concrete ethics issues, state your arguments and views clearly, assess the quality of ethical argumentation, and understand complex ethical theories. This is an exciting opportunity for students of any major.

The certificate in ethics is a 12 credit credential. Some of the courses you may take are:

Bioethics  |  PHIL 340
Examines moral conflicts that arise in the various fields associated with human biology. Analyze issues that physicians, patients, and policymakers confront in the provision of health care, the pursuit of medical research, and the allocation of finite health resources.

Value Theory  |  PHIL 320
Topics in moral theory or political theory or special issues such as relativism, science and morality, liberalism, Marxism, fascism, sexism, and human rights. May be repeated for credit with different content.

Gloval Ethics  |  POLS 349
Examines current global issues, conditions, and choices in terms of the ethical questions they present. Topics vary. May be repeated with a different topic.

  • Mock Trial
  • Prelaw Society
  • Parkside Philosophical Society
  • Phi Sigma Tau


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