Geography Minor

Geography has been described as a bridge between the social sciences and the natural sciences. The geography minor at Parkside examine the relationship between humans and the environment through field work, laboratory analysis, and literature research.

Receive a basic understanding of the relationship between humans and the environment that geographers seek to understand using hands-on learning and a variety of specific tools.

All majors are welcome; this minor particularly complements disciplines in business, computer science, environmental studies, geosciences, and health sciences.

Opportunities for employment are wide ranging. Employers understand that geography graduates possess a wide variety of professional abilities. Possible employers include mapping firms, environmental agencies, planning departments, site selection companies, marketing departments, school districts, emergency management agencies, nonprofit organizations, and defense agencies.

The department is strengthened by an internship program with placement in local public or private sector locations. Students can gain valuable experience in a variety of real-world settings which increases their skills and adds to their resumes.


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Faculty Highlights

  • Kathe Gillogly2

    Kate Gillogly, PH.D.
    Associate Professor and Chair of the Geography and Anthropology Department

    Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Anthropology. Originally from the Midwest, Kate Gillogly returned after years living in the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Hawaii, working in consulting in applied anthropology of agricultural ecology and international development. She currently lives in Kenosha , focusing on undergraduate education, applied anthropological work in watershed management and environmental activism, as well as writing projects on sustainability, kinship & adaptation, and social structure.

  • John Ward headshot

    John Ward 
    Associate Professor of Geography 

    John Ward is originally from western Maryland, though he has lived many other places including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Washington State. He received his MS from Central Washington University and his PhD from the University of Arkansas. The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is his first teaching job since earning his doctorate.

  • photos of Joy Wolf

    Joy Wolf
    Professor of Biogeography
    Director of the Sustainable Management Program

    Dr. Wolf earned her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and M.S. and B.A. from Northern Arizona University. She is currently the Academic Director for the online Sustainable Management Program.

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