Historians explore the past to make sense of the present; and they are keepers of social memory. 

An important goal of the history program at Parkside is introducing you to the drama of the past. If you have an interest in law, genealogy, family vacations to Washington, D.C. or Gettysburg, or enjoy the History Channel, a history major may be right for you.  




Faculty members are nationally recognized teachers and scholars who present a variety of introductory and advanced history courses in the general areas of American, European, Asian, Middle East, and world history. 

Students who major in history are exposed to a number of time periods through such diverse courses as:

  • The United States, Origins to Reconstruction
  • The Pre-Modern Western World: Ancient and Medieval Civilizations
  • World History from Antiquity to 1450
  • Race/Ethnicity: United States of America
  • Introduction to Holocaust Studies
  • and History of Islam


Journalist  |  Museum Currator  |  Cultural Historian  |  Public Service Specialist   Archivist  |  History Teacher  | 
Research Analyst  |  Librarian

The internship, available under HIST 494, provides opportunities for research and administrative work at university and non- university agencies and offices, such as state, county and city historical societies and historical museums, galleries, archives, and so on. For-credit internship projects are agreed upon by the student, the instructor of record, and the site supervisor. Consult the department chair for further information. See catalog listing for HIST 494 prerequisites.


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