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International Studies

International Studies Major

The term global village and many other concepts like it have been tossed around since the mid-20th century. In recent years, communication between nations, cultures, and communities have increased exponentially. We are connected to each other in more ways and more often than ever before -- and there is still so much to learn. 

Parkside's International Studies Program combines courses from various departments to create a broad, interdisciplinary program. Student's majoring will study a variety of interesting topics and have the opportunity to participate in several of our study abroad programs, often led by our very own faculty.

International students come from such diverse locales as Brazil, China, Africa, Germany, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and India, and bring real life experiences and a wealth of knowledge and resources about life outside the United States. Students from the United States have the opportunity to make friends with and learn from their global neighbors. This interest often leads to U.S. students themselves pursuing study-abroad opportunities. 

Some former students became professors or staff members working in various administrative departments on campus.

Learn more about the Center for International Studies at Parkside.

Real Opportunities
The international studies curriculum provides excellent training for persons interested in a wide variety of careers; including professional positions in private firms, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations that operate in a global context. The Parkside International Club holds events that everyone can participate in spotlighting various cultures.
Amazing Results
Our majors are currently employed in corporations, educational institutions, non-profits and public agencies both in the local area and internationally. 

Dale Pinzino ('08) went on to earn an M.A. in international studies from UW-Milwaukee. He currently works at UW-Whitewater as the bookstore manager and teaches international studies classes here at Parkside. 

Gloria Castaneda ('13) starred on the Rangers women's soccer team and is now using her international skills as a production assistant and on-air personality for ESPN Deportes, as well as a planner at the Fox Valley Park District in Lake County, IL.

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