Laboratory sciences

associate degree


Through this degree, you will complete a number of introductory and intermediate laboratory-based courses that provide you with a host of skills and techniques allowing you to be competitive in the workplace, within the fields of scientific research.


While pursuing this associate degree you will take a suite of courses primarily in the areas of the biological sciences, chemistry, and mathematics. 

Your Parkside experience will include: 

  • Intensive labs teaching you techniques that will help you qualify for laboratory jobs
  • Professional advising
  • Small class sizes - 20:1 student/faculty ratio
  • Affordable tuition

After completing this degree you will have a significant amount of coursework that can be directly applied toward a bachelor's degree in either biological sciences or chemistry at UW-Parkside should you decide to continue your education.

Requirements  | 64-68 credits

The associate of science degree with the laboratory sciences program of study consists of 64-68 credits that includes university skills requirements, general education requirements, an ethnic diversity requirement and the program specific-requirements. To complete this degree program students must complete all required courses and earn a minimum cumulative degree grade point average of 2.000.

GENERAL SCIENCE COURSES  |  37-38 credits 

Core Biological Sciences   |  12 credits
BIOS 101 Bioscience***  |  4 credits
BIOS 102 Organismal Biology  |  4 credits
BIOS 210 Biostatistics  |  4 credits

Core Chemistry Courses  | 10 credits
CHEM 101 General Chemistry I***  |  5 credits
CHEM 102 General Chemistry II  |  5 credits

Biological Sciences/Chemistry Elective Course  |  4-5 credits 
Choose one
BIOS 260 General Genetics  |  4 credits
CHEM 206 Quantitative Analysis  |  5 credits

Mathematics Courses  |  8 credits
MATH 111 College Algebra I**   |  4 credits
MATH 112 College Algebra II  |  4 credits

Computer Science Course  |  3 credits 
CSCI 105 Introduction to Computers***  |  3 credits 


English/Writing Skills Course
ENGL 101 Composition and Reading*  |  3 credits

Mathematics/Computational Skills Course
MATH 111 (Fulfilled through Mathematics requirement above) 

Humanities and the Arts Courses  | 12 credits 
Choose four courses from three different departments***
SPCH 105 Public Speaking is highly recommended

Social and Behavioral Sciences Courses  |  12 credits
Choose four courses from three different departments***
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychological Sciences is highly recommended

Natural Sciences Courses  |  0 credits
Completed through required general science courses above 

Ethnic Diversity Course  |  0-3 credits***
Choose one course that carries “DV” credit***
A general education course may also be used to satisfy this requirement.

*This course fulfills the university writing skills requirements.
** This course fulfills the university computational skills requirements.
***These courses count toward general education requirements for UW-Parkside.
*** Check the course schedule and work with your advisor to find courses that fulfill your general education and/or ethnic diversity requirements.

How credits count
Courses can count for multiple requirements such as a program requirement and a general education requirement but, the credits only count once. Therefore, depending on how many courses are chosen that fulfill both program and general education requirements, students may be required to take additional elective courses (from those not already taken in areas above) to reach the required minimum of 60 credits for an associate degree.


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