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Chemistry in action

Chemistry Major

Studying chemistry helps students like you develop everything from new medicines to consumer electronics to energy solutions. It’s the foundation for the new technologies that make everyday life possible. 

The undergraduate chemistry degree program at Parkside is one of the few American Chemical Society-approved programs in Wisconsin. You’ll have the opportunity to perform hands-on research as a chemistry major, alongside attentive faculty members in modern, well-equipped laboratories. Plus, many required classes are offered both during the day and in the evening to fit your schedule.

Learn more about the Chemistry Department at Parkside. 

Real Opportunities
You’ll find a wealth of opportunities, whether it’s conducting independent research in faculty labs using new tools like a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer or interning with industry-leading companies such as Abbott Laboratories. And, when you find the right opportunity, we make it easy for you to take part. Student-faculty ratios for advanced chemistry classes are as low as 10:1, so you can be sure you’ll receive focused, quality attention and access.
Amazing Results
Small class sizes, a program approved by the American Chemical Society, and hands-on experience provide you with every advantage as a chemistry major. You’ll gain over 500 hours of engaged, interactive laboratory, experiment, and project experience. Plus, you’ll be set up to succeed if you choose to continue your education at graduate and medical programs such as Yale, Purdue, and UW-Madison. And companies such as SC Johnson and Sigma-Aldrich will be looking for you.
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