Leadership Certificate

Every field requires people who can step up and lead others in effective and personal ways. Parkside offers a leadership certificate as an interdisciplinary program for students looking to hone specific leadership skills.

Leadership skills comprise a variety of personal and professional traits, including self-assessment and public speaking; exposure to other modes of communication; the ability to identify and assess resources; effective work in diverse settings; and evaluation and reflection on individual, personal situations. 

Students who complete the leadership certificate will have an enhanced understanding of the personal qualities, interpersonal dynamics and social patterns that influence leadership efforts. In addition, they develop their own personal leadership style and learn to work through civic engagement.

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The leadership certificate provides a curriculum that combines conceptual and theoretical frameworks with opportunities to apply those concepts and theories in real-world situations. With this certificate program, you gain an enhanced understanding of the personal qualities, interpersonal dynamics, and social patterns that influence leadership efforts. You'll also have the opportunity to hone specific leadership skills such as self-assessment and public speaking; identify and assess resources; work in diverse settings; and evaluate and reflect on your own leadership styles. Pursuing the leadership certificate is also an excellent opportunity for civic engagement.

The leadership certificate is closely aligned with the learning outcomes of the liberal studies major, which is built on a foundation of career readiness. There are many possible careers for liberal studies graduates, depending on how students plan their coursework. Graduates of the program may enroll in graduate programs, including business and law school, while others may find employment in a diverse range of occupations, including teaching, finance, graphic design, and the legal field.


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