Philosophy Minor

Philosophy is a reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths concerning the nature of the world and humanity. It is the basis of value and ethical obligation. Philosophy seeks to discern the nature and scope of knowledge, both scientific and otherwise, to establish standards of evidence. It seeks out rational ways of resolving conflict and creates techniques for evaluating ideas and arguments. The Philosophy, Political Science and Law Department offers you a philosophy minor that provides a basic range of studies dealing with philosophy of mind, ethics, and political thought, among others.

Take courses in the traditional areas of philosophical inquiry and courses that bear on other disciplines which are cross listed in other departments. Because of its emphasis on critical thinking and conceptual analysis, philosophy provides excellent preparation for a wide variety of professional studies and careers. Pursue vocational interests, from graduate school in philosophy and other fields in the humanities and social sciences, to law, librarianship, medical school, and business.

  • Mock Trial
  • Prelaw Society
  • Parkside Philosophical Society
  • Phi Sigma Tau
  • Choose three PHIL 300-or 400-level courses (9 credits)
  • Choose two PHIL 200-level or above courses (6 credits)
  • Choose one PHIL course at any level (3 credits)


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