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For some, the political process is fascinating. They see excitement in debating key issues. They understand the difference between an opinion and an argument. For those, a major in political science may be the key to an exciting future in a variety of careers.

Political science graduates have a passion for political life not only locally but also globally. By conducting research and in-depth study, political science majors discover the origin, development, and operation of political systems and public policy.

Traditionally, students graduating with a political science major go on to careers in political office, public administration, law, and criminal justice. The Political Science and Law Department has strong relationships with area politicians and public officials, such as the district attorney and social service agencies. Programs are also available in New York with the United Nations and with the federal government. 

Many political science majors see law school in their future. Courses such as Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, and Business Law provide a solid foundation.

The Political Science major also offers a Law concentration.


Attorney  |  Judge  |  Political Advocate  |  Law Advocate  |  Campaign Manager  |  Religious Ministry  |  Ethics Specialist  |  Lobbyist


Political science majors prepare for many different aspects of the discipline including government service, law, and business. The strengths of the Political Science and Law Department are in comparative politics, international relations, American politics, public policy and administration, and legal studies. 

A unique feature of the department is the internship program which permits students to earn academic credit while directly experiencing government, politics, public administration, and law.

Political science majors are particularly prepared for graduate study in a number of fields. Job opportunities include campaign manager, consumer advocate, customs agent, diplomat, FBI agent, journalist, political lobbyist, and numerous others.

Clinton Roselle ('11) wrapped up his career at Parkside with a dual degree in political science and law, and international studies. Clinton earned both the Spring 2011 Outstanding Graduate Award, and Academic Achievement Award. He went on to pursue his master's degree at the prestigious University of Chicago's Committee on International Relations. 

Clinton has co-authored research examining The Black Panther Movement from 1960-67. He also joined fellow students and Professor Peggy James in Chiapas, Mexico, living among the indigenous Zapatista population.


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