Psychology Minor

If you've always been interested in creating new insights into individuals and the how and why of human behavior, thought, and feelings, psychology may be the area for you. The psychology minor offers you an organized curriculum if you wish to develop a core understanding of psychology.

The program is particularly intended for those whose primary goal is to complement other fields of study where knowledge of psychology and its methods would be beneficial, including business, communication, criminal justice, health sciences, and theatre arts.

Below are a few courses you may take.

Psychological Statistics  |  PSYC 250  |  3 cr
Applies descriptive and inferential statistics to the research problems of psychology including computer analysis of data projects.

Cognitive Psychology  |  PSYC 205  |  3 cr
Covers theory and research of human cognitive processes including perception, attention, visual cognition, learning, memory, language, decision making, problem solving, intelligence, and social cognition.

Introduction to Human Development  |  PSYC 210  |  3 cr
Covers theories, concepts, and research pertaining to human development throughout the lifespan including biological, cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Research Methods in Psychology  |  PSYC 300  |  3 cr
Analyzes scientific methods in psychology. Includes research design, data collection and interpretation, computer-based statistical analysis, and writing research reports.


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