David Carrubba

  • Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Majors: Sociology, Criminal Justice, Certificate in Community Based Learning, Certificate in program evaluation

What advice would you give to a student?

Don't fret at the fact that you might not witness the immediate positive outcomes of volunteering with an organization or helping out others. Just realize that the place or people you assisted are in a better position than they were before you came along.

Can you name a role model or mentor that has had an impact on you?

My mother has always been my role model. She's been through far worse trials than anyone I know and always has and will be there for me and my sister at the drop of a hat. She's always been an inspiration to me in everything I do. 

What cause or issue are you most passionate about?

I'm most passionate about issues in poverty and homelessness and how they tie into children and education. In the distant future, I hope to find myself doing social work or volunteering at refugee camps around the world.


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