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Resume Checklist


 Resumes should be kept to one or two full pages. Typically, college students and entry-level job seekers have a one-page resume.

 Resume font should be readable and stay within 10 to 14 points.

 Use consistent indentation, capitalization, font style, spacing, margins and abbreviations.

 Do not use personal pronouns (I, me, you, etc.).

 Avoid using resume templates; they may not interface well with other platforms.

 It is not necessary to include a list of professional references or the statement, “References Available Upon Request.” Your reference list should be a separate document.

 Remove any automatic hyperlinks.

 Phone number: create a professional outgoing message that lists your full name and time you will return their call.

 Include your LinkedIn or e-Portfolio address.

 For chronological resumes, list degrees in reverse chronological order (most recent listed first). You do not need to include your high school diploma once enrolled in college.

 Spell out names of degrees “Bachelor of Science”, “Master of Science”.

 List the month and year of your graduation. (i.e., if you are graduating in May 2020, write “May 2020”).

 Include GPA if it 3.0 or above or if it is specified on the job posting.

 Round the number up (i.e. 3.5, not 3.47)

 Use bullet points - brief, descriptive statements about your most important duties and accomplishments in both paid and unpaid roles.

 Use strong action words to describe your work experience. Avoid passive phrases such as “responsible for” and “duties included”. Eliminate personal pronouns (I, me, we) and articles (a, an, the).

 Make sure you include any communication skills that you used in the project or job such as writing a technical report, giving a presentation, or working in a team.

 Use appropriate verb tense. Use present tense action words to describe present employment experience and past tense action words to describe past employment experience.

 Include volunteer experiences that showcase your communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills to show employers your well-rounded portfolio.

If there is room on your resume, feel free to include this additional information:


 Language skills: Are you fluent in multiple languages? Which ones?

 Military experience: Have you served in the military? If so, list the branch, your position, and any special training or education.

 Professional memberships and leadership positions: Have you attended any conferences/workshops/seminars? What were they? Where were they located?

 Certificates and licenses: Are you certified in first aid, CPR, mental health skills, etc.?

 Computer or technical skills: Do you know how to use any software that pertains to the position? How proficient are you with each program? **If you are applying for technology positions and have extensive computer skills, consider placing this section between the Education and Experience sections.**

 Class presentations/projects: Have you presented on a topic that may be important to the company?

Crystal Chronological
Milwaukee, WI | 540-262-2626

Bachelor of Science in Business Management December 2018
University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha, WI

  • Minor: Mathematics
  • GPA: 3.8
  • Organizations: National Society of Black Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Marketing Intern, NEC Corporation of America, Irving, TX May 2018-August 2018

  • Generated a digital loyalty program which produced a repeat customer base of >35%
  • Assembled sales materials, dealer kits, and collateral in preparation of marketing presentations
  • Channeled marketing campaigns and assisted with all components of product messaging
  • Supported the NEC Product Marketing Team with various initiatives including writing internal and external communications, web content, and social media for customer growth and allegiance

College Possible FAFSA Volunteer, ABC University May 2018-August 2018

  • Articulated changes to the application to make students and families aware of the influence on their student aid and future applications
  • Guided students and their families with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to confirm the application was completed accurately and any questions were answered

Resume Formats


Which resume format is right for you?

There are three common resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination. Use this section to decide which is best for you. The Chronological Resume is the most commonly used.


Lists your work history in reverse order – starting with your current or most recent job first.


Easy to write. Emphasizes a steady employment record. Employers like to see job titles, dates of employment, and level of responsibility.


Calls attention to any employment gaps. Skills can be difficult to spot.

Best used

To reemphasize past career growth and development in the same career.

Don't use if

There are multiple gaps in your work history or are entering the market after a long absence.


Focuses on skills and strengths relevant to position and employer.


De-emphasizes a spotty work history. Allows you to highlight strengths and transferable skills.


No detailed work history. Disliked by many employers – document looks like you are hiding employment gaps, lack of relevant experience, or underemployment.

Best used

To emphasize transferable skills. Use this format if you have limited work experience or are changing careers.

Don't use if

You want to emphasize growth/development. Responsibilities in recent jobs were limited.


Blends the flexibility and strength of the other two types of resumes


Shows off a strong employment record with upward mobility. Show the skills you have used in the past to apply to the job you are seeking.


Work history is lower on the page, which may not receive employer attention.

Best used

To show off your skills developed throughout your work history. Use when you are making a career change.

Don't use if

Your experience is limited, or there are wide gaps in your work history.

Crystal Chronological
Kenosha, WI | 555-555-5555 | crystal.chronological@gmail.com


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science December 2019
Minor: Mathematics
University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Kenosha, WI
GPA: 3.8
Organizations: Association for Women in Computing (AWC)


Programming/Scripting Languages: (Proficient) Java; (Familiar) Python, C, SQL, Javascript, MATLAB
Technologies/Environment: Windows, Linux, MySQL, Win32 API/GUI, ASP.NET


Student Intern Summer 2019
Mayo Clinic – Rochester, MN

  • Migrated existing website from SQL Membership to ASP.NET
  • Surveyed and interviewed with end users to determine their information needs
  • Wrote application to create custom surveys

Desktop Support Consultant September 2016 - Present
Campus Technology Services - University of Wisconsin-Parkside

  • Provide second level technical support in faculty/staff offices as needed to ensure timely client service and appropriate issue resolution
  • Escalate technical support issues that cannot be resolved to ensure timely service to the client and issue resolution
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of all customer data and information; protect against unauthorized access or use of such data or information that could result into substantial harm


Vintage Foundation Fall 2018
Boys and Girls Club – Kenosha, WI

  • Advised on new technologies to help further the organization's mission and goals
  • Instructed program director on building a user-friendly website and employee database
  • Assessed systemic problems and suggested possible solutions

News Delivery System Spring 2018
University of Wisconsin-Parkside Foundation

  • Integrated old code with new for web application delivering custom tailored web news
  • Coded in Java using Model-View-Controller architecture

Faye Functional
Oak Creek, WI
ffunctional@uwp.edu | (222) 333-4444


Event Planning

  • Innovative and inventive individual with exceptional skills and abilities to design and coordinate events to satisfy clients and guests
  • 7 years’ experience organizing and facilitating annual holiday celebration for university-wide staff and their guests; managed volunteer tasks to ensure success of the event
  • 5+ years’ experience assisting with the coordination of wedding ceremonies and receptions, along with funeral processions for St. Joseph parish

Customer Relations

  • Over 7 years’ experience communicating and collaborating with external brokers, investors, and contributors to facilitate transactions to the university
  • Able to manage a large volume of purchase orders and negotiate contracts with nearly 100 suppliers to obtain optimum pricing, terms, and deliveries
  • Familiar with processes that expedite distribution to ensure prompt and correct receipt of products from assigned suppliers


Bachelor of Science in Business Management May 2021
University of Wisconsin-Parkside – Kenosha, WI

Ciatti’s Ristorante Cooking Class/Demo January 2019
Ciatti’s Ristorante – Milwaukee, WI

Associate in Applied Science, Accounting May 1990
Milwaukee Area Technical College – Milwaukee, WI


Accountant July 2008 – August 2017
Marquette University

Bookkeeper & Event Coordinator November 2002 – July 2008
St. Joseph Catholic Church – Milwaukee, WI

Chris Combination
434-555-2000 | ccombination@rangers.uwp.edu


  • Managed brand development project increasing customer loyalty by >30% within 3 months
  • Planned and created promotional and publicity strategies, increasing business membership by 25%
  • Directed marketing campaign goals and objectives, target audience, and messaging
  • Lead service teams to improve customer satisfaction rating from 72% to >89% within 7 months


Bachelor of Arts in English May 2020
Minor: Graphic Design
University of Wisconsin-Parkside – Kenosha, WI
GPA: 3.7; Dean’s List


Marketing Intern, NEC Corporation of America May 2019 – August 2019

  • Generated a digital loyalty program which produced a repeat customer base of >35%
  • Assembled sales materials, dealer kits, and collateral in preparation of marketing presentations
  • Channeled marketing campaigns and collaborated with team on all product messaging components
  • Supported the NEC Product Marketing Team with various initiatives including writing internal and external communications, web content, and social media for customer growth and allegiance


Shift Supervisor, Applebee’s May 2017 – Present

  • Promoted from Host/Server to Shift Supervisor after 6 months
  • Improved customer satisfaction ratings from 72% to >89% in 7 months as Shift Supervisor
  • Select and train staff to provide excellent customer service, and promote highly functioning teams
  • Provide leadership and management as Shift Supervisor for 15 staff and >150 guests per shift

Sales Associate, Target June 2016 – May 2017

  • Greeted customers and responded to guest inquiries with accuracy and punctuality
  • Cross-trained to operate in multiple areas of store as needed
  • Organized floor sets to strategically place product and rotated season merchandise


Volunteer, Food Pantry of Downtown Ministries August 2017 – Present

  • Recruit and organize volunteers to cook, set-up, and serve 3 weekly meals


Action Verbs for Resumes

Elevate your resume by using the most descriptive and accurate words to describe your experience.

Resume Accomplishment Statements

Action verb (skill) → Task or Situation → Result or Impact

  • Organized campus events such as XYZ to educate the public about equity and inclusion
  • Analyze quarterly data to demonstrate the effectiveness of new marketing strategies
  • Facilitated socialization of sheltered dogs and cats in order to prepare for adoption


  • Check if your resume is updated as per the resume checklist guide 
  • Refer to the resume formats and check out the examples for - Chronological resume, Functional resume and Combination resume 
  • Add Action verbs for describing your experience
  • Research about employer and showcase your skills properly
  • Quantify whenever possible! 
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