FERPA - Tutorial 07

Basic Rules
The following basic rules should be followed by UW-Parkside faculty, staff and student employees:

Rule #1: FERPA recognizes a person enrolled in post-secondary education as a "student" and provides that individual certain rights, regardless of age. Therefore, a parent does not have an inherent right to access his/her child's educational records. Exception: The Cashier's Office, and the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, may disclose financial information without written consent to the parents if the student is a "dependent student" as that term is defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code. Please contact or refer the parent to one of those offices as appropriate.

Rule #2: Faculty, staff and student workers have access to educational records for the sole purpose of performing their jobs professionally and responsibly. They have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality of educational records in their possession, regardless of the medium in which the records are presented.

Rule #3: Educational records are considered confidential and may not be released without written consent of the student, with the exception of unrestricted directory information. It is the responsibility of faculty, staff and student employees to verify that student directory information is not restricted before releasing it. 

Reminder: Student directory information can be restricted with a FERPA hold. SOLAR will display this privacy shade Privacy Shade when viewing restricted student data. 


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