Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside governs the distribution of student information based on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 or FERPA. This Act, as amended, established the requirements governing the privacy of student educational records in regards to the release of those records and access to those records. This Act is also known as the Buckley Amendment. The Act gives four basic rights to students:

  • the right to review their education records;
  • the right to seek to amend their education records;
  • the right to limit disclosure of personally identifiable information (directory information);
  • the right to notify the Department of Education concerning an academic institution's failure to comply with FERPA regulations.

FERPA provides for confidentiality of student records; however, it also provides for basic identification of people at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside without the consent of the individual. Release of information to third parties includes directory information, such as contained in the online web-based people directory and in sports brochures. Students are notified of their FERPA rights and the procedures for limiting disclosure of directory information at Orientation, and in an annual email.

Educational Records and Disclosure of Information

What is an educational record?  Includes list of data that is directory information, who can request your private records and considerations on restricting access to your information.




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