Intramural Basketball Rules


  1. Intramural basketball is open to any UW-Parkside student enrolled in 6 credits or more. Faculty, and staff and alumni may participate but must purchase a Sports and Activity Center membership .
  2. After playing in one contest with a team, a player may not transfer to another team in the same league in the same sport.
  3. A team may have 2 former collegiate varsity basketball players on the roster. No player currently on the varsity basketball teams is eligible to play
  4. Teams can add players to their roster until the end of the second week of play. Players added to the roster after the second week of play will be ineligible.
  5. Any team using ineligible players will forfeit the contest or contests in which that player participated.


  1. A team will play with 5 players on the court and can have up to 10 players on the roster.
  2. Games can begin with 4 players.
  3. Rosters will be turned in during the managers meeting.
  4. Player must check in with the scores table prior to the contest.
  5. COED- Coed Leagues must have the same number of men and women. Example, 5 men and 5 women or 4 men and 4 women.
  6. COED- During games there must be two women on the floor for each team at all times.


  1. Players must bring their Ranger Cards to enter the building and to checkout jerseys.
  2. A game will consist of two 20 minute halves. The time will be kept by one scorekeeper on each court.
  3. Overtime will be 5 minutes with a continuous clock. The clock will stop during the 1 minutes of overtime. If the score is still tied after 5 minutes of overtime the game will end in a tie.
  4. 2 minutes are allowed between halves
  5. Each team has two 30 second time-outs per game and they can be used whenever a team so desires. Both timeouts can be used in one half. The game clock will be stopped during time outs.
  6. Game clock will not be stopped for FREE THROWS, ANY FOULS, technical fouls, jump balls, out-of-bounds, etc. Only during the last minute of the game will the clock be stopped during dead ball situations.
  7. Clock will be stopped for all injuries.
  8. Games must start within five minutes of the assigned time or a forfeit will result.
  9. No arguing with officials. Any arguing will result in an ejection and a two week suspension from intramurals.

Fouls and Foul Shots

  1. If a player is fouled in the act of shooting either a two or three point try, and he makes the basket, his team will be awarded one free throw. If a player is fouled in the act of shooting a 2 or 3 point try and they miss the shot, they will be award either 2 or 3 free throws.
  2. BONUS SITUATION: When a team reaches its seventh (7th) foul per half, a bonus situation occurs. Every common foul after this will be awarded one and one free throws. There is NO DOUBLE BONUS.
  3. When a player commits his fifth foul he is disqualified from the game. A player is also disqualified for getting two technical fouls.
  4. Technical fouls and flagrant fouls are two shot fouls, with the possession of the ball going to the team who did not get the technical.
  5. If player receives two technical fouls or two flagrant fouls throughout the ENTIRE SEASON, he or she will be suspended from intramurals for two games.


  1. Subs may enter the game any time the ball is dead. However, substitutions must report to the scorer and wait for the floor officials to grant entry. A technical foul is charged for failure to comply.


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